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December 27, 2005


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Kriegsfeld - click to enlarge
Kriegsfeld is a small village in Rhineland Palatinate that is pleasantly situated between fields and woods and has three churches for its 1103 inhabitants, as well as some historic buildings.

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  1. Thomas E. Hunt Says:

    I lived near Kriegsfeld between 1977 to 1980. I was an American Soldier stationed with the 558th Military police Company at Kriegsfeld Army Depot. I had some really good times in the small town of Kriegsfeld and made some friends there also. I have lost touch with those friends so I am hoping this will be seen and friends will reconnect.

  2. Jo Mueller Says:

    Hi Tom…….would be interested in talking. We were at Northpoint from October
    1975 - March 1978.

    Send me a note!!!

  3. Bud Cantrell Says:

    Stationed with the 558th also, 1975 to 1976, then on to the 8th ID. Jess Sager and others
    there with me.
    Drop a line.

  4. Claude Ezzell Says:

    I was stationed at Kriegsfeld Army Depot with the 558th MP Company from 1983 to 1985. I enjoyed every minute of being at Northpoint and met some really great people while I was there. I returned a couple of years ago while doing some business for the Air Force Reseach Laboratory and was disappointed to find much of the depot has been dismantled and taken apart. The infamous towers which made us tower rats famous are no longer and there are a couple of huge wind generators on the depot now. A sign I suppose of more prosperous and peaceful times.

  5. Curt Johnson Says:

    There from 88 to 90 and still think the Hill almost everyday,
    why I don’t know, just do

  6. mike hose Says:

    I was at the Point from 79 - 81 3rd platoon

  7. Wayne Robinson Says:

    I was stationed there Dec 85 - Apr 88… crazy times, too many friends that I’ve lost touch with, for sure.

  8. Jeff Seidel Says:

    Iwas stationed at North Point with the 558th from 80-91. I was in the Commo Section and
    pulled a few shift in the tour but did more of the roving patrol and QRF. Flew over NP on
    my last tour around 2002 it was still there but a little different with no American Soldiers.
    Had a great time there living in Kriegsfeld.

  9. Paul Peabody Says:

    Stationed at the Point Jan 76 through Aug 78. 558 MP Co.

  10. Mike Wibert Says:

    I was stationed at Kriegsfeld Army Depot from June 1974 to July 1975. I was an MP in the 558th.

  11. Jerry Crutch Says:

    Hello, I was with the 558th in 2nd Plt from Jan 79 to Jan 81. We were there at the same time. Schofield still lives down the road. I lived in Kriegsfeld and Imsbach. Was also in Worms with 1/59th from 82 to 84. Visited North Point then and in 92. Memories not so fun, but life long lessons learned. Had fun in Tower 6 and got caught screwing up in Tower 1 (smile).

  12. kevin hope Says:

    Pfc hope back then worked A gate and was there from 76-78. Jo are you related to tomas muerller? he was the main clerk in the cos office when i was there. Ive begun to talk to paul thomas hunt is a name i remember but cant place the person. anyway look me up and kmhope@yahoo.com on facebook would be great to hear from you all

  13. kevin hope Says:

    does anyone remember the halfway house in kriegfeld? we would go there and the owners would put slashes on our coasters and then on payday we would pay off the tab. one of the fond memories of the point.

  14. Richard Pendell Says:

    I was there 87-89 I hated that place when I was there, but find myself thinking about often and I don’t think It was that bad, I had some goodtimes and make some good friends. I would like one day to go back and check out the place one more time!!

  15. Rodnie Mize Says:

    Hello All,
    I remember a few names from this post. Hunt, Hose, Crutch and Hope. I was there 79-82. 2nd platoon MP. I had a pretty good experience at Northpoint. I thought it might have sucked at times, but looking back…it’s a time that I’ll never forget. I was at Fort Carson, Colorado in 2002 (my National Guard unit was activated) and was asking another soldier if he’d ever heard of Kercheimbolanden. This civilian (he had something to do with Post Security) walked up and said “what about Kercheimbolanden?”. Turns out he was the Platoon Leader of 3rd platoon during the “fiasco”. Anybody remember the “fiasco” when the 3rd platoon was………….anyway, good to see some familiar names…..Hunt, if I’m not mistaken, you helped me out when I had to go on emergency leave when my grandmother passed away…I’ll never forget it.

  16. Steve Dunajski Says:

    At north point 1978-1979 Only Hard Strip E-4 Mp the place had ever seen. The were the best of times they were the worst of times. Seems we’ll never forget our time spent there… Hope all are well…

  17. pfc hope Says:

    I know thomas’s name and i feel we must have done something or gone somewhere once together but i cant remember what it was. I remember a trip to the black forest with 4 mps and they all had a 5 day leave i had 3 and had to go back on my own on a sunday with no train lol and bus it and walk all the way back, i met a guy named BJ his name was bjorn something but was in our unit, he took me back for 5 marks lol. i wonder if that fiasco was when the closed the point for like 2 days ill never forget it. i worked the gate then and we were on high alert.

  18. bob ellis Says:

    I was at North Point 7/69 - 1/01. I see a sgt hunt here and I believe he was my NCO. did you have a yellow mustang ??
    someone mentioned the halfway hosue. forgot about that place but still can see it

    remember sneaking sterno cans into the towers to keep warm, before they put in the heaters. god, it was cold.

  19. George Lathrop Says:

    I recognize Bud Cantrell but few others. Northpoint from July 77 to September 78. Looking for other Fastpitch softball players with Worms.

  20. Mark Bennick Says:

    This message is for Rodnie Mize if you happen to see this message please e-mail me at the following e-mail address: Mark.bennick@ng.army.mil

  21. Mark Bennick (Benny) Says:

    I was a Tower Rat in North Point Kriegsfield Army Depot from Dec 79 to May 81. I was with the 558Th Mp Co 2nd Plt. It was a crazy place but full of memories. I was hoping to make contact with a few people who were there with me. If anybody remembers a bar called Rosies in Kirchiembolonden or if anyone remembers me it would be great to hear from you. I will mention a couples names or (Nicknames) of some of the soldiers who were with me. First to Rodnie Mize who is on this site. Hey Du I’m sure you haven’t forgot the crazy times. There was also Little Bit I think from Ca. Animal who I’ve had contact with since then. Krup,Henry,Preston,Foley from Mass. & CJ to name a few. But anyway if anyone remembers shoot me an emailat mark.bennick@us.army.mil. It would be great to hear from you.

  22. Gary Milburn Says:

    Dave Krupa, Henry Guttierez, Norm Gallant, Ed Dileo (Animal), Conklin (Gank), Eric Hoteling, Sgt Lindstrom and Cavazos just to name a few. Rosies bar was actually the Amstube. That post was “Madness” and we definitely made the most of it. Check out Facebook under Gary Milburn, Simi Valley. I posted some pics of a few guys. My email is garymilburn59@yahoo.com. I would love to reminisce.

  23. Bill Kilmartin Says:

    I was with the 558th from December 30, 1977 thru May 1979 when I transferred out to the 218th in Augusburg, Germany. Who would ever forget sitting in those cold towers watching the deer in the clear zone. Some guys I knew where Lance Sandei, Chris Kelly, Matt Milnark (married a German local and had a kid), Larry Heet, and Glen Stearns. You can catch me @ dad2tj54@comcast.net.

  24. Todd Clark Says:

    I was there from 86-88. If some of yall are interested check out www.towerrat.com and there is a 558th group on face book.

    For Richard Pendell…..email me at ziatriguy at cableone dot net.

  25. David Hallman aka Lil Bit Says:

    I got a call from Gary Milburn today. I saw Bennys’ Posting. I was at Kriegsfeld 78-80. I had some really great times and hope to hear from some of the 2nd platoon. Has anyone heard from Reggie the armor guy?

  26. chuck oblisk Says:

    i was there from 87 to 90. most of the time i was in the escort platoon.

  27. chuck oblisk Says:

    todd who all is on face book?

  28. chuck oblisk Says:

    todd who all are on face book?

  29. Kenneth Brooks Says:

    Claude Ezell, a name I haven’t seen for years. You were the first person I ever saw who owned a computer. Good to see you’re okay. I was at KAD the same time frame (83 to 85)and loved the area.

  30. Jim Holt Says:

    Was at Northpoint from 1978 to 1980 and went back 17 years ago for a wedding and found the post closed but a German national was a caretaker and let me in to walk around. I must say it was strange seeing all the buildings empty and the hill was like an old movie set. The clear zone had new stuff that wasn’t there when I left might have been sound detection equipment and the most interesting thing I learned was that all the equipment and furniture was burned/destroyed out on the football field, when the post was closed. For anyone who doesn’t place my name, I was one of the dozen who were brought up on charges for the deer slaying which caused the IG investigation in 1980. The clerks name was Candie and there was a Sgt. Haines, Captain Vickie Merriman and Lt’s York and Dingle.


    Wanted to say hello toall the guys from 1978-1981,,hope to hear from all of you and moremlike Gary said check the sight out on facebook,,simply put in 558 mp co,,we need a reunion,Norman

  32. Steve Bowton Says:

    I was at Northpoint from Aug. 1985 to March 1988. I really enjoyed all the good guys who were in my platoon and the 558th. Great bunch of soldiers who knew how to have fun but mostly knew their work and were the best at it. I still think of ya 558th…3rd platoon.

  33. Aubrey Allyn Freeman Says:

    I was at Northpoint from July 77 to about Oct 78. I was with the 558th cant remember which platoon. Harry Koss, Jamie Imai and Fred Sheffield are names that I remember. I have fond memories of the place and guys I served with. I was there during the barracks renovation. As well as during the fence rebuilding around the hill. I hated tower 5. Enjoyed the chats on the TA 312’s though.

  34. patrick ryan Says:

    i was at northpoint from 1978 to 1980. i remember several names and have been inn touch with a few. dale walker, dave krupa,lil bit, george noel,calvin, bugsy,pat donohoe, larry brydzinski, steve elliott to name a few. i will be there in august.

  35. Gary Wilson Says:

    Me too! I was there 1977-1980. Just went back (March 2009) No access to the Point. Giant wind turbines on site now. But the countryside was still beautiful.

  36. Bert Fuller Says:

    I was at the point from 1975 until 1978 and was rotated back to the states to Ft.Hood. I was the buck sgt that ran the 558th arms room. I keep in touch with Paul Peabody and am looking for Keith and Siggy who worked for me in the arms room, if anyones heard from them tell them to give me a shout. I saw Barry Scutt in Seneca Falls, NY in the early 80’s but can’t find him now. My email is befuller1@live.com and I live in Texas.

  37. Randall Lindstrom Says:

    Hey one and all I was at the Point from Nov 79 thru Nov 80 I see people and name I remember Bennies how the hell are you and all the rest of you gonna try to be there in Aug.

  38. David Barger Says:

    Hi, I was at Northpoint in the 558th from 1971-1972 then went to Manheim to be a white hat. Did not realize what we were guarding till just awhile ago, but I did enjoy the scenery and the SOUEEEEE calls from tower to tower to alert us on our Sgt inspection. And the fog, my goodness the fog….

  39. Robby Robinson Says:

    I was with the 558th MP Co from Nov 68 thru Nov 70. Does anyone remember Paul and Anna that ran the quest house a couple of miles from the Point? I had some good times there with the guys from the 558th and the 619th.

  40. Keith Olson Says:

    I was thre from 1977 to 1980. I was a 55G20… Boy did we have fun and drink a lot of beer. Don’t know about you, but I really miss the beer.

  41. kevin Says:

    freddie sheffield theres a name i remember lol we were friends for a long time so was harry koss lost touch with harry and havnt seen him since, yep lots of fun times

  42. kevin Says:

    just found fred lol of course a lot of us drank a lot and cant remember a lot 30 years ago is a long time but i do recall some incidents and things that we did back then it was all fun times for sure. and yes the beer flowed like water we even had a machine in the barracks 25 cents a can man a buck fifty lol for a six pack way funny.

  43. kevin Says:

    asked freddie to add me to facebook he denied my request and just kept saying it was 30 years ago and then never spoke again. I thought it would be fun to find guys you were stationed with long ago. I guess some just think of it as time gone by and ah well. I really enjoy finding people who were there with me.

  44. Paul Peabody Says:

    Hey all,
    Stationed at the Point from January 1976 through August 1978.
    Most of the time spent in the motor pool as the dispatcher and parts clerk. Except for the days when I had herm guard duty on the hill or walked the fence line because of fog.

  45. Jack Archer Says:

    Hello to all the tower rats, I was stationed there at the same time as Doc Hunt and Steve Dunajski in fact we were very close friends, I and Doc Hunt keep in contact all the years and are brothers from the point. I also think of that place a lot of the time, I was in first plt, bunk mates were Rayboy, lennie, mace, ralph martin, I also was profiled due to my back and put in charge of the arms room the last years I was there,I lived in keirchibolanden (sp) and than at warhof housing. I loved Germany and the people, Lets drink a boot to all of us still alive. Jack my days were from 1977 until 1980 I left E-5 and went to Sierra Army Depot CA another bunker place but no towers. I got out 1983 E-6

  46. Mike Maurer Says:

    I was there at Northpoint 67 68 and was roudy back than
    The boys from the east ran the place
    We didnt sneak sternos in to heat the tower we build little fire hoping to burn them down
    Our guy were thro out of Paris and landed at Northpoint the best time of my life
    Drunk everyday

  47. eric allsup Says:

    I was stationed at Northpoint from 1986 -1988. Still think of all my brethen there.

  48. Peter Dumas Says:

    I was at the point in June1975 oct of 1976 asign to the 619th ordance co pulled towers for 30day did not have enough mp for the 558mp work in motorpool for 619th ordance drove the bus to k town for trips the family and the people at the point

  49. Douglas Hunt Says:

    I was stationed at North Point from May 68 to August 69. With the 558th MP CO.

  50. Mark Wateland Says:

    I was stationed at Kreigsfield Army Depot ( Northfield ) in the 23rd Ordnance Company 87-90 and I lived in Kriegsfield and my family was treated very kindley by the Residence, I shoped and ate in the Kriegsfield shops and resturants.

  51. Ronnie McFarland Says:

    I was stationed at North Point November 76 until November 78 in the 558th 3rd Platoon. I lived in St. Alban with my wife Darlene, who was the librian at the point. I was a tower rat and then SCA. My wife and I still look back on this time as one of our favorites. So many great people.

  52. kevin Richardson Says:

    Was stationed at Northpoint from July 74 to Nov 75 558 MP co 3rd Platoon SSG clayton was my platoon Sgt.Remember Struzzi, Bear (Chalie Barrett) Weesal,Dave Mytinger. Any brothers fronm 558 drop mre a line.

  53. Rebus Knebus Says:

    I was at the point ‘76. Sorry, Steve Dunajski, but we had a hardstripe E-4 MP in the dog section before you were there.

  54. Don Schriver Says:

    I was one of Sgt Smiley’s Raiders! 1982 / 1983 2nd Platoon!! I got to the Point right after the 3rd Platoon Fiaco! LOL It was a scary, fun, exciting, drug filled, drunken place to be!! They called me Schmuck! I still miss Parkbrau Perminator Beer!

  55. joy standridge wilkins Says:

    My husband and I were at northpoint from ‘81 til ‘84. He was in 619th and I was night manager for the club. I would like to hear from anybody that was there at the time. We loved the place and made a lot of friends. As far as the 558th, 3rd platoon gave me more trouble than anyone else during their week off. Rowdy bunch of guys! But I’m lucky to have known all y’all. I’m on facebook!!!

  56. Robert Bryant Says:

    northpoint 1984-1988 558th MP CO 3rd plt

  57. Jim "Twist" Thomas Says:

    Hey fellas…I dont know if you are aware but Mike Johnson has a reunion for the Rats on July 23 thru the 25th in Columbus Ohio. Go to facebook and look up Jim Thomas and you will see a link to the party. We want thios to be a successfull adventure. Love to have ya. Just friend up with Mike from my page and look up the party info. Look forward to seeing you there. 85-89 Kill the Rabbit

  58. Richard (Rick) Hannigan Says:

    Hey to all Rats, Was at the point 83-86 My wifeat the time Linda worked at the GYM. Looking for RIED HEWett anyone know him? Also Sgt Ronald Baldwin, Jeff Blackshaw.. And who can forget Doc Gaddy… Lots of pics from those days ..hard to remember the names… Holler back….

  59. Ronald (Andy) Anderson Says:

    I was at North Point when they first raised the flag the summer of 58 to June of 62. It was A Co 15Th ord Bn. It then was changed to the 619Th Ord Co. Married a girl from Kriegsfeld (50 years this december) My sister in law Margaret was the PX manager and her daughter Bea who also worked there, is my niece. We visit Kriegsfeld almost every year and have many friends in the area. Lots of fond memories.

  60. frank cook Says:

    I was a tower rat from 72 to 73. Wow what a PARTY. I had a great time.

  61. scott rosenfelt : "rosie" Says:

    I was @ northpoint from 1976-1976 with the 558th MP’s…1st platoon…:mike catrain/lou cava/mike mckinnis/leonard mcguire/george gentile/craig harris/john matz…anybody out there that remember these names

  62. Sonya Dunajski- McCollum Says:

    My dad is Steve Dunajski…. Can any of you tell me how he was in the service? Did you ever meet my mother Gayleen? And also Brad Wederquist?
    please contact me @ sonyamccollum@hotmail.com . thank you

  63. Mike Catrain Says:

    Ronnie McFarland you bought my VW when I was at the point (77-79) you only paid me half of what I charged you. You still owe me $150.00!!!

  64. john sota Says:

    Hey fellow rats, Was stationed at Northpoint from 79 to 82. 1st platoon. Was one hell of a time.Everyone called me Dazz. Reich was my roomie. Have kept in touch with him pretty constantly and have spoken with Controneo, Foley and others now and then.Would be intrested in hearing from others. You can reach me @ john_sota@hotmail.com Sgt Eddie White, Thomas, York and all my fellow Rats are in my thought always. Take care, Dazz

  65. Barbara Schwarz Says:

    im searching for 3!!! man who were stationed in germany… the first name is kenneth brooks, second is homer gene long and the last is ____ cummings… it is very complicated but if you wand some more informations you can contact me
    it would be great if i get the chance to find them..

  66. Bill Tegan Says:

    Old man, here.
    I was at N.P. at the same time as Andy Anderson, 6/58-6/60. Two years to the exact day. I’m sure we probably spoke to each other at one time or another. I was across the street in the other (MP) barracks. I was in the K9 (dog squad) that put the puppies out in the fenced runways every night. I have to thank Vic Olsen (State of Washington)for that duty. Hated the 2 years I spent in this isolated dump. In the late 50’s there was nothing to do on post. Yes, we did build our beer hall (Shack) by the main gate next to the mess hall. It opened at 4PM and closed after everyone was too drunk to have another. Only sold one brand of beer, 10 cents a bottle. Can’t remember the brand, but it was not BBK, remember BBK with the porcelain snap off cap. That and the ball field is all we had for recreation. We were so isolated I don’t believe there was anyone guarded the main gate. There was at that time a little German bar right outside of the main gate on the same side of the gate. We were encourage not to go there as the scuttlebutt was that the owner was a commie. Of coarse, he wasn’t, the powers to be did not want us slipping out for a cold one. I went back to N.P. in 2000, but to my disappointment, the German guard did not want to have anything to do with me, so I never got to go in for a look. This so called “Cold War” sure lasted a long time. I’ll never forget the first day I arrived, the greeting from the Master Sgt. Wilson, was this place it #2, Berlin was #1, target on the Soviets attack list should the big one occur. Nice to be thought of so kindly….

  67. PFC Hope Says:

    Well I guess I have given up my Search for SP4 miller Im sure I found him a few times, He was a big Malcom X freak and loved bruce lee, I was like the only white guy he would talk too, I kinda thought we had built up some sort of friendship there, but I guess is ties to Islam were too tight and he once he got out of the service couldnt or wouldnt be friends with a white guy. I emailed him several times and even wrote him a letter. He helped me ETS and was grateful for it it but the years ran by and I never heard from him again. Too Bad Tyrone you were a cool guy back then. But I guess once you got out of the Army you went back to your Radical ways. Tyrone deep inside is a good dude. So after 33 years Ill give up my search. I did find him and did find others Paul Peabody and Bert Fuller are my friends on facebook as is Gary Wilson. I couldnt beleive I Found my old buddy freddie sheffied on facebook but the years have blurred his memory, he didnt remember me at all and just said ah that was 30 years ago wouldnt add me as a friend and faded into the sunset. Guess some just dont want to think about those times

  68. PFC Hope Says:

    If anyone can find Harry Koss that would be cool, Does anyone remember a guy named Kevin Benn? I heard a few rumors he was like a CIA guy who they just put there to watch people lol. Was kinda funny cause one night on the hill he went beserk I heard and the next thing I knew he was gone from the point. Story was that he got real pissed over something and grabbed that back part of the jeep you can get a grip on and basically flipped it over, That could happen as those jeeps really arnt that heavy and and adrenalin rush Im sure and you could do it. Kevin and I won lot of money one day at a spiel haus in the Black Forest one weekend lol

  69. PFC Hope Says:

    If anyone can help Barbary please help, I am wondering though if this person who is saying his name is kenneth brooks really is named that? Because the Kenneth I know doesnt fit the discription and I find it funny how there could be two kenneth brooks running around north point at the same time? Unless the man she is looking for only used the name. Anyway if you can help Barbara contact her at the email address she has given.

  70. Dr. Thomas E. Hunt Says:

    Hey gang, that served at our beloved place Kriegsfeld Army Deport known to us as North Point. I see that a few of you knew me while stationed there from Oct 77 to Nov 80. I truly miss the old place and allot of the town around the area. I lived in Oberweisen and my Landlord Harold and His wife Laura Ingles were very good people. My regret is that I didn’t apply to stay there for a longer tour. However I have accomplished many things. I went into a reserve status and attended Seminary in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and completed my PH.d in Biblical Studies and Counselling. I now minister as a Chaplain with the 45th Infantry and At Fort Sill. I keep my self busy. My wish is that my wife and I can return to Germany and take a tour of the area around North Point. I am currently writing a book called, “The Christian Soldier.” It is a book about a young Chaplain fighting the call to the ministry because his whold dream was staying a soldier for His Country. He was later surprised to find himself becoming a soldier’s minister (Chaplain) Boy! That story sounds like my life. Could be. Hello to my friends I served with. Feel Free to call or email me at 405-204-7325 marshal627@yahoo.com God Bless to all of you. Dr. Tom Hunt

  71. Bob Alexander Says:

    I was stationed at Nothpoint from Jan.83 to July 84. Proud to say I was in the third herd “HOGS”. I still have many great memories of the place. I went back in 2008 and was disapointed to see it in its current condition. The Germans now use the old bunkers as storage units. Crazy. Would love to get in contact with some old friends, The names are fuzzy do to all the drinking. Look for me on facebook.

  72. Joe Christie Says:

    I was at the Point from Jan. 1966 until Jan. 1968. Had a wonderful time there now that’s it a memory. Some great people and experiences. One of the best times in my life.

  73. Sylvia Folsom-Manes Says:

    Hello, was stationed at Northpoint from 79 to 82…I was in the 2nd platoon and would love to hear from anyone that was stationed there during this time. I was one of the 1st females assigned to the 558th MP company. There during the time when Capt Merriman was our commander.

    Feel free to email me at sylviamanes@me.com

  74. charles hill Says:

    was at the point jan 58 to jan 61, B co, MP and Inf. have been in contact with some others through Ron Bucholtz site.

  75. charles hill Says:

    wrong email first time, was there and have talked with others from my time frame

  76. Claude Ezzell Says:

    I was stationed at the Point from 1983 to 1985. The most vivid memory I have is the first night I got there they had an emergency destruct exercise at 0400 and some fool told me that the Russians were crossing the border. We were Cold Warriors, everyone who served there over the years. Unfortunately, the military would just be glad if we all just went away and forgot about the cold war. For those of us that guarded the bunkers at North Point and other sites those tours of duty helped to keep the world safe in a little way. I’m not sure if the Polizi entertained that thought especially when a group of off duty MP’s got drunk and rowdy at a bar called the Lion’s Club one night. I also remember a vicious storm in Nov of ‘85 that blew down a tree over the fence line. The Polizi and the reaction force from the 8th ID showed up to back us up. Thank God it was just because of a storm! Some of the charactures that lightened the place up was Sgt. Doc C. Gaddy and SFC Reid. The dog handlers were pretty special as well especially the night I watched one being chased by a wild boar. Lot’s of memories of that place. I went back a few years ago and while the main buildings are still there the bunkers are gone as well as the perimeter fence. Seems the Germans would like to quietly forget place as well. Not sure about you folks but North Point was a great place to serve.

  77. scott rosenfelt" rosie" Says:

    meant to say was @ north point from 1976-1979…

  78. Vick Jenkins Says:

    I was at NP 75 to 77 with the 558th. Lot of tower duty. Second Platoon-Staff Sergerant Bill Kress. Brother Odell was there 80 to 83 same duty. John Riggins, Keith Durst, and many others.

  79. Sonny Brooks Says:

    Still looking for someone from co B 15fh ord bn “mid 50’s Sonny brooks lakebums11@embarqmail.com

  80. charles hill Says:

    in the past few months i have reconnected with ron anderson and bill tegan from my time at the point, also have a couple of friends from my jome town,one who recently passed away from the C he was in Aco and the other was in the 558 both there in late 60s early 70s .all stay safe out there.

  81. Jerry Williams Says:

    I was there 80 to 82 I was 619th Ord Co. worked in Tech Supply

  82. Bud Cantrell Says:

    Hey George Lathrop!

    I remember you well. I believe you were with the dog handlers (558th MP’s). You and Terry (Jess) Sager would always find something to fight about
    as I recall. Do you remember Kevin Brooks? He passed away in 2010 with pancreatic cancer. I also recall a few other names in this blog, but I guess
    I wasn’t there long enough before I “rotated” out to Baumholder, oh boy!

    My time was Dec. 1975 to ‘76.

    email buddy2364@hotmail.com

  83. Bud Cantrell Says:

    I remember Craig Harris. “Bay City Rollers” fan. Big Michigan guy/beer drinking kid. As were all of us.

  84. Jai Says:

    Was at the point from 75-79. 619th. Before they cut down all the trees on the hill. Fond memories of the four lane bowling alley, the club, the tiny px and the theatre. all we had for finding something to do on down time. And. I remember fondly, the Halfway House, trips on the bus to K-Town…. ration cards, cigs. that cost a $1.70 a carton in the commissary, a half a gallon of Jim Beam was $4.00. The best beer, schnitzel and spatazle and buying my first car, a VW Beetle.

  85. walls Says:

    23rd ord 86-88 what up eric sorry i crashed your car still!!!!

  86. Emmit thompson Says:

    I did my time at the point sept 72/april74 . Nothing to do but party and hump the hill. Been along time and have forgot a lot of names. I was in the second plt with crazy man- pat o’connor, head hunter- bob Forsyth, Alaska- Gary Hougon ,brownie- Mike Atkinson bear-Charlie Barrett.We were one tight bunch.I could publish a book on the crazy stunts we pulled it was an animal house.We were just a bunch of draftees doing our time and watch ing each others backs.Did some crazy bar hoping in Frankfurt had some close calls there.Most of the lifers (pigs) were ok but Lt bond was an ass.Did his best to bust us before we got out of there.

    wish all the rats well

  87. Claude Ezzell Says:

    Hey any of you Northpointers remember a joint down in Kirchime called the Ice Cafe? It was run by a an old Italian Couple who really loved GIs. They served some great chow and would always give up a small glass of liquior before we left.

  88. Gary Rektorik Says:

    Stationed at North Point from Nov. 71 thru Nov 73. Looking to contact others from that era ie. Doug Baker, Jack Stanley, Ron Schuler, John Bishop

  89. John Juszczyk Says:

    To everyone stationed at Northpoint between Dec 1978 and June 1982. Just wanted to say that it was a real experience in more ways then one. Kind of lost touch with you guys. I am now living in Germany and working for AAFES. Maybe I will hear from you guys. john_juszczyk@yahoo.de

  90. lenny mcguire Says:

    was there from 76 to 80 had great time with some really crazy people rayboy mike catrain rosey and many others i miss all of you alot god bless all of you

  91. CURT GAY Says:

    Hello i was in 3rd plt. from Dec 77 to Jul 80.
    I am the gay one (Curt Gay). I remember Cpt.
    V. Merriman. We had a get together in Vegas
    last year,i think there was about ten of us.
    It was fun seeing a few of the guys again!

  92. paul caffrey Says:

    i was at the point from 64 till 66 made many friends but it was cold and can ,t forget the expences till this day .

  93. Bryan Bacot Says:

    I was with 23rd ord between 85 - 87

  94. Jim Reich Says:

    Hey everyone! I was 558th from 79-81,1st platoon.I’ve read previous comments on the board reference the “fiasco!” 1st platoon was lucky enough to have been on the hill at time if I remember correctly. In later years when I was a member of the Wisconsin National guard,there was a SSgt by the name of Gary Bey/Bay?#? who told me he was a member of MPI out of Worms. He stated that they were constantly targeting 558 with dog searches,(remember them?), and informants. If you think hard now,you could probably guess who they were. Bu like the movie ” Stand by me.” I’ll never have friends or better times than the ones I had there!!! Jim

  95. ben de garmo Says:

    to robby robinson i knew paul and anna at kriegsfield.we went there almost every night after work,i broke the guesthouse record for by drinking 13 shots of rastuputz in one night.i worked as a mechanic under harold k. beavers e-5 our motor sgt and i was there from 1966-69.have many good memories there if you can reply to me and i will give you my adresss.do es anyone out there remember when william h. conine changed our company motto from only the best may belong to no slack and the uproar about it.do you remember red wax on the floors and when our m14 stocks were changed from wood to fibreglass.not happy mps that day.i remember you had to have a security clearence to stay on the post, i also remember when the signal unit came to our post.i have heard people talking about suicides at north point but i never heard of one. we had no military women on the post at that time

  96. ben de garmo Says:

    if anyone wants to contact me i am at benbev77619@g mail.com.james e murray was our first sergeant.does any body remember rhoda the road runner?yes it was very cold in the winter there and if you remember we never went to the field.also the threee quarter trk p 37 and p 41 couold only be used for convoy duty.i was the mechanic you woke up at 3 am to put a u joint in your jeeps.yes it was fun and i would not trade it for any assignment i had in 22 years.yes i was a lifer but loved every minute of it.hope to hear from some of the other living north pointers

  97. James Crawford Says:

    I remember CPT Conine. He came to us from the Nurenberg Stockcade or at least that’s what the rumor was. I remember De Garmo he was armorer at the time Harold Beavers and I went to MP AIT at Ft Gordon. I was in a rock band called the white buffalo with three others from the 558th. I was also there from ‘66-’69. In summer ‘68 they remodeled the X area and put in new towers and a new gate shack. I was the 3rd squad NCOIC after SSG Johnny R Howard left. SSG J W Crawford, US Army Retired. Jwcrawford946@aol.com

  98. James Crawford Says:

    another site for Northpoint alumni is angelfire.com

  99. James Crawford Says:

    Another site for North point alumni is angelfire.com

  100. Jim Tugglw Says:

    I was at North Point from January 1968 to August 1969. It was just being changed over/remodeled to NATO standards when I was there. Lots of long nights on those towers. Sang lots of songs. To learn what we were guarding, we had to go to Paul’s Gasthaus to learn.

  101. Dan Wehner Says:

    Hey Gary Rektorik and Emmit Thompson - I was there with you guys. I was there from Dec 1972 to Oct 1973 then got a transfer to white hat duty in Heilbronn. How are you doing?

  102. Charles Raynor Says:

    558th MP Co Dec 79-Mar 80.

  103. JOhn McDowell Says:

    I was there 83 to 85. third platoon. Lived with Brad Arp for a long time also with Bryant.

  104. John McDowell Says:

    Oh feel free to contact me levirufus@att.net

  105. Christopher Grooms Says:

    Hello to all my North Point brothers. I was at North Point from April 81 to February 83. Most of the time with 2nd plt and a few months at the end of the tour with 1st Plt. I am now back in the Army as of 2006 and am stationed in Heidelberg. I have visited North Point on several occassions since 2006. For those interested the Admin area, motor pool and all barracks are still intact. The “hill” has been leveled except for the bunkers that the local farmers now use to dry thier wood. The towers and fences are now gone and huge wind mills are now all over the top of the hill. Kircheimbolandon is four times the size it used to be. The little cafe I visited often is still there. The lumber business has gone through that area so much of the forrest is now gone. Every time I go back there for some reason I feel like I am home again. It was a horrible place but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. If anyone remembers me you can contact me at Christopher.grooms2@us.army.mil or christophergrooms@hotmail.com

  106. david styler Says:

    i was there from 9- 70 to 3-73 great times and great people my nick name was stys 3 rd plt i remamber sgt clark [bird]sgt porter sgt bostick capt nylor 1st sgt ronzone plus little man kerry little pat williams[stump motha]ed aydollot tom hoffmen .

  107. Bob Pearson Says:

    I was at Donnersburg from 77-79 as a Signal Soldier. We went to NP to bowl and use the gym to beat you guys in B-ball, lol. Had a great time during the 3 years with all the MP’s and others at NP. My wife and I lived at Weirhof Housing area. Best of luck to all the Cold War Warriors that served at this lost in the woods outpost!!! MSG Pearson, Army RET

  108. Roswitha Schlarp (Muschke) Says:

    Hello, I’m Paul and Anna’s daughter from “zum Paul” guest house. Do you remember me? I left Oberwiesen in 1971. Regards Roswitha (Rosi).

  109. Robert Lindsey Says:

    Hey to all of you former tower rats at “THE POINT”, I was with the 558th from Apr. 77-Aug. 78. I then transferred out to Whitehat duty(as we called it)to Worms with the 1/59th mp co. I`m glad I stumbled onto this site, just wish I would have much sooner.Brings some good memories & not so good also. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those times( just so I could be young again)LOL! Wow, I remember all the beer & wine fests and drinking the best beer in the world. I remember the little 4 lane bowling alley on post-that`s where I bowled for the first time in my life. And don`t forget the little movie theater. I remember being armed payroll guard at that theater. Does anyone else remember the flag football league up on the field? I also flew on air missions out of there on chinooks, and perimeter guard duty on gun jeeps with the m-60 mounted on it. We had bus runs for shopping at the main px at K-Town. Man there is so much to talk about, but can`t right now. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone that was there around that time ti contact me.
    Some names I remember are: John Keane, Keith Durst(my Roommate), Lt. Kelly, Lt. Kamide,Ssg. Kress,Ssg. Wilson, George from Boston. Hope to hear from sombody soon.
    Ssg. Robert Lindsey-28th Inf Div, Pa. Army National Guard

  110. John Lockhart Says:

    Lock 77-79. The BAF Shack, PBR’s out of a pop machine. Hiding in the forest with empty squashed beer cans. Rides into town on a duece 1/2. Kelly always spewing about Ganzett beer. Larry from Hamilton Ohio. Reggie the armorer. Hey, did anybody hear a gunshot….Nope….anybody got an extra round? The tennis racket “waffle ass”. Conac and warm coke. The smell of coal oil in the air….who can forget the midnight rides behind the jeep on a cafeteria tray!!!

  111. DUKE ALSTON Says:

    i was at northpoint in the 619th ord co. i was there from october 1966 until march 1968.

    i still have the arm band with the 558 mp, that you had to pin to your sleeve. if you

    remember the 619th relieved the 558 mp on christmas to give them a break. anyone else

    remember that! it is all good. see ya at the next reunion.

  112. "Reagan" Says:

    Just found this thread and it brought back memories. I was in 619th from 84-86. Our crew was Dave Nagy, Bill Hazlett, Todd Pennell, John Bolton, “Stretch”, “Rosey”, Brett Hensley, and few others. I was forever getting screwed on fog guard and roving guard -remember that after the NCO/officer night attacks, North Point was a scary place to walk around at night for about 6-9 months. We were up playing cards and pounding Asbach and beers when one of the 558 guys cut loose with rounds into the middle stairwell of our barracks. That got hushed up quicker than the tower rat putting one in his leg a couple weeks earlier. Not much known about that crazy place in the outside world. Major Lewis got wind of me getting tipped off on fog guard duty from some of the cool 558 guys, starting the “out by 4:30am crew”, and created that half duty roster shit on weekends. Colonel Hutchinson at 72nd must have been under a lotta heat during that time. Tons of stuff happened there that even people who were there didn’t know about. I was good friends with Augie, Bernt, and Oppa too. Interesting tidbit, Oppa was arrested by Tito’s military intelligence guys in Yugaslavia and spent twenty years in jail for complaining about political conditions on some street corner in Zagreb.

  113. Anonymous Says:

    station at north point 1971-1973 attached to 477 sig bn duty at site dog- you would know . it was a real time to be there because of the nam war. i would guess the draw. i remeber mp would be sharp. i mean stract .where we wasnt as stract. but noture of jobs. if you was there it was a change of life as i was young . did our jobs. but not to brAG WE ALL THERE ON THAT POST. WE WERE PRO. WE DID PARTY AND RELAX GETTING STONED. LISTENING TO LED ZEP MOTOWN COUNTRY MUSIC. AND THERE WAS A CLASS POTHEADS AND JUICERS .BUT WHEN IT CAME DOWN .VERY IMPORTANT WE WERE BROTHERS DOING WHAT REALLY MATTER WE HERE FOR A REASON AND WE DIDIT. OH IT WAS SOME THAT IF U EXPERIECED IT AFTER 40 YEARS U REMEMBER ITS A BROTHER THAT WE WERE THERE.

  114. charles hill Says:

    have a great day, God bless the USA

  115. mel hanes Says:

    I was stationed there from june 1966 until i rotated to ft lewis washington in february 10 1969. lived in Borstadt with my wife and then in the housing area when i made E-5.I had a friend terry mccrory that also rotated to my same unit in ft lewis washington at the same time i did.

  116. charles littell Says:

    was there from 83 -85 619th but worked in the motor pool because i had done acid and couldnt get prp i was 18 and dumb as they come drinnking and drugs and more drugs was major lewis an ass or what lost everything in a fire in 97 so finding this site and the pictures was like going back in time s a t- b a f AND WHO COULD FORGET FOG GUARD PRP and THE LYONS CLUB IN DRIESEN sce fc elliot sp4 rauchenbach sp4 mcpherson pfc palmer sp4 hoche sgt wiley and a little guy we called sid visciouspfc trevino(i have two kids with the woman i stole from him …sorry T my ex is from kibo and still lives close to me in miss i would give anything to see that place again and drive an m818 five ton just one more time and loved partying with the polish labor force they could drink on the job (lucky bastards)what a great time

  117. Dan Sellers Says:

    I too was at the Point, 74-75558th MPs Dont remember which plt. we worked 5 days 5 nights then 5 days off. 12hr shifts. 8 hour of towers, then 4 hours of BAF. and then changed the next day. Remenber the Redeye tower, the Hatchet tower, and all the spades games in the BAF shak. Worked with Olson, Diddy Bop, Hoppy, Big John, Miller & Fowler. Left theh point and went to Pirmasens. Never returned to the point, or so anyone else stationed there again. Retired in 95

  118. Nettie Hogan Says:

    I was stationed at 619th during 82-84; had wild times and loved the food and traveling; met my husand there and will cherish the memories :)

  119. Greg Riojas Says:

    at west point 1986 to 1988 email griojas85@yahoo.com

  120. Robert Hansen Says:

    I was at north point fom 1957 to 1959. I was in HQ company as a morse code radio operator. When i first got there we were in barracks at weierhof kasern. the only ones that were at north point were the mp’s. there wasn’t anything there but their barracks and our communications room.

  121. Ramon Says:

    619th ORD Co., 1972 to 1975. Anyone remember Maj. Robert C. Dole? Definitely being there was a life changing experience. Recently went back and there are lots of changes. One thing that has not changed was the Eis-Cafe, I remember fondly the Italian couple who owned the place, and treated me great all the time. If anyone from that time frame wants to contact me can do so at ramonshenzhen@gmail.com

  122. Steve Pentecost Says:

    Was stationed at NP from 3-72 to 8-73. SSG.Bostick was my platoon leader and did me the favor of driving me to Frankfurt to pick up my wife,Lisa. We lived in Morscheim for a few months then Kiersheimbolanden, the Marshalls house next door to Ann and Larry Flennar. David Barger and his new wife moved into our place in Morcheim, Moma and Papa Schlafer’s house. Doug and Linda Barnett lived there too. I was in 2nd plt. Remember David Styler. He convinced me to go with Bose speakers when I bought my sounds at Mainz. Tom Svarvari went with us. Talk about a loaded VW. We traveled to Germany in ‘03 and ‘04. That area is kind of a Silcon Valley for Germany now, really upscale and rich. No more U.S. Army at NP, more of a wind turbine installation. I served with “Big Time” Henry Pat Williams, Richard Kelley, Slim Edwards and Slim Jr. Rodgers, Johnny K. Ramser, Stack outta Chicago, Hoffman, Adelott, Mike Sheffield of Savannah, John Wickert of Milwaukee, who I talked to not long ago, and many others I remember well. We had us some times, didn’t we? We made it though and through it all kinda enjoyed it, really.

  123. michael j. bouton Says:

    Hi all North Point SOLDIERS 558th MP & 619th I was at N.P. 1978-1982 3rd platoon, I was a corprol along with Cpl LOPEZ (DOG HANDLER) and CPL SPARKS Second Platoon? Served under CAPT.Vicky MERRYMEN and Lt.POLO. I left NP and went to the 980th Herlong Sierra NEV. After the Military I boxed Pro for a long time out of Reno NEV then went back to DC. Now Im am a Police Officer in New Hampshire (SRO at the High School) In Whitefield NH. My wife Tenley works for the NH State Police. we raise and train Germain Shepards for the police dept. and security companys. I also started a police athlitic boxing gym for troubled teens. I would like to hear from everyone from NP. I did not like NP at the time but when I look back we had a lot of pride and did our job the best. If anyone has had contact with Cpt Merrymen or Lt. Polo I would like to hear from them please.

  124. Woody Bullard Says:

    I was in the 558th MP Company at northpoint from March 1969 to August 1971.The CO was Capt.Scrudder.Then came Capt.Conine who was replaced by Capt.Naylor.The operations sgt.was SSGT.Hunt.SSGT.Clark was my first platoon leader.Some of the guys I worked with were Cunningham,Bieske,Tetterton,McCann,Trax,Sater,Wagner, Hofmann,Styler,Ramser,Ellis,Hager,West.A gate was the only white hat duty at northpoint.Did feel weird at inspection being the only MP wearing the class A dress uniform and white hat.After A gate the white hat and class A uniform was placed in the wall locker.Then came tower duty(freeze in winter,hot in the summer),ECP B gate,jeep patrol checking the bunkers,SAT,BAF.I did work COR duty at the gate shack checking people into and out of THE area.I was working COR duty during a depot security inspection.A ordnance company major gave me the wrong security ID card issued for entry use at some other depot.He wanted to see if I would sign him in and give him his entry badge using the wrong depot ID card.The major said he wanted to see if I was alert after I refused the wrong ID card.Then there were the tower checks made by the SOG.The checks at night were something strange.MP school at Ft.Gordon(B-10-4)did not have a class on what went on at northpoint.To all my 558th MP Company brothers and sisters(who arrived later)I can only say NORTHPOINT WAS SOMETHING ELSE!!!!

  125. Woody Bullard Says:

    P.S.: Can not forget the 131st MP Detachment at northpoint.

  126. Woody Bullard Says:

    Across the ocean northpoint is the place,where we spend our time in this place that God forgot.Where a MP gets the blues twenty feet from heaven,but a thousand miles from home.We freeze,we sweat,we are defenders of our nation.No one knows why we are here,no one gives a damn,we belong to uncle sam.Living with our memories,waiting to see our home,we are on the hill up at the point,guarding the nations millions.But when we reach those gates below,we will hear old satan call out,fall out Military Police from northpoint,you have already spent your time in hell.On this veterans day(11-11-13)to all my 558th Military Police Company brothers and sisters who worked the hill at the point during the”COLD WAR”with the USSR,THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.The same thank you goes for the 619th Ordnance Company people who worked the point.The weapons that were stored at northpoint and other areas were never fired.Germany is one country,not east and west.The weapons stored on the hill are long gone.Northpoint is just a memory now for those of us who served there.We will remember the point. MISSION COMPLETED.

  127. Higgins Says:

    I was at North Point from 1981-1983. It was the absolute worst place on earth to be stationed, as I recall. The raging abuse of alcohol and drugs were the norm. You had to get into the culture of the place; if you were to survive it. It was completely thankless duty and morale was rock bottom. No warm memories at all. I threw my photos in the trash from that era a longtime ago. I’m glad to hear Kriegsfeld Army Depot is abandoned, decaying and overgrown with weeds. The place richly deserves that fate. Peace out.

  128. Michael Freeman Says:

    I was stationed with the 558th MP company from 1979-80. I was fortunate that my security clearance was delayed because of administrative BS so I got a cushy TDY assignment training for and participating in the annual Nijmegen march in Holland. Came back and worked the front gate and Towers for about eight months. Found memories and good times. I was a game warden at Fort Dix, 532 MP company before my overseas tour.

  129. Ted Black Jr. Says:

    To all my fellow soldiers stationed at the point, some of you were friends, some just fellow soldiers. But above all you are remembered. 1977-1979 558th M.P. Co.

  130. Woody Bullard Says:

    Happy new year to all the 558th Military Police Company and 619th Ordnance Company veterans
    who worked the hill at northpoint. Hope all of you have a great 2014. Thank you Ted.
    Roll on 558th.

  131. david huswick Says:

    I was at the point 59 and 60–dog squad–did a nice start on alcoholism there–was sent there as infantry man-first bach i think-it all ended well but we hated north point with a passion–moral was terrible needless to say–

  132. George Kenyon Says:

    I was there 53-56 with the 15th ord. when the whole thing started over there at Weierhof
    Went over with the outfit from sandia base.
    Anybody still alive from that era?
    My last buddy, from that era, that I know of died last October.
    I can name justabout all of them.
    Good times and travel from Weierhof.

  133. John Wallenburg Says:

    I was staioned at North Point with the 447th Co B signal BN from 1971 to the end of 1972. Lots of good times I had the 1972 Yellow Norton for my ride. Worked on Donnersberg Radio site.

  134. Mark Allen Says:

    Claude Ezzell, I remember you, we were in the same platoon together in 83-85! My God, I had forgotten about Sgt. Gaddy (Gadfly we use to call him due to his large ears). SFC Reid was a the platoon sergeant, remember him as well. I assume that you do not live in Fallon, NV anymore.

  135. Phillis Says:

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  136. joe donaldson Says:

    October 1970 to august 1971 anyone with the 558mp would like to hear from you

  137. Woody Bullard Says:

    I remember a Joe Donaldson who was at North Point while I was there. We both left the point
    in August of 1971 so I guess that would be you. We worked the hill together so it’s good to
    know another 558th MP is still alive from that time at North Point forty three years ago.
    I hope all is going OK with you.

  138. joe donaldson Says:

    I was at Kriegsfeld from oct 1970 to 1971. Would like to contact anybody that was there at that time. I was a tower guard.

  139. Woody Bullard Says:

    Joe, there is a great website for North Point veterans at “558th MP Company Kriegsfeld”.
    When you get to the site click on “Angelfire” and you will be on the North Point website.
    There is information and photos on this site which will bring back memories for you.
    You will see guys that you worked with on the site members photo section.

  140. Woody Bullard Says:

    Joe, I was in the 558th MP Company with you from 1970 to 1971
    and I would like to contact you but your E-Mail address is not
    listed with your entry. I have 558th paper work with your name
    and mine on the paper which I can E-mail to you.

  141. Woody Bullard Says:

    David Styler where in the world are you? We were in the
    558th Military Police Company together in 1970 and 1971.
    Captain Naylor was the 558th CO and SSG Edgar Clark (Bird)
    was the platoon sergeant. Tom Hofmann, John Ramser and I
    made trips to Amsterdam. We made a $20.00 bet on the group
    that recorded “Magic Bus”. It was “The Who”. North Point,
    what a place in the history of Germany. Hope you are OK.

  142. Denice Says:

    With the 558, 2nd platoon…one of the guys made a wall mural of a knight on a horse…”2nd to none” as far as I know, I was the only female to make it “in the tower rat” job. Not the best duty site…..cough

  143. joe donaldson Says:

    woody bullard I remember your name but cant picture you anyway good to hear from u seems so long ago yet so many memories of the guys at the point I wish I had taken more pictures I can see the faces but names I draw a blank I do remember a friend jerry Crosby nick named bing maybe u might remember him too. many times I thought of going back but had lots of health problems foryears.take care email at jdd1949@carolina.rr.com

  144. Morton Rivkind Says:

    I was at the point Nov 63 to about April 65. Rotated to 537 mp co. Mannheim then worms. Captain Becker and top was Jim Bouton (101st and fought at bulge).freaking cold in towers.

  145. Jay Mongan Says:

    Stationed there from 78 to 84, Had a blast , drank a lot of beer , helped build rodeo arena with Sgt Yocham.

  146. Darren E.(Wildman) Collins Says:

    My name is Darren E. “Wildman” Collins, I know some of you remember me and the crazy way I use to act. I was stationed there at the Point from Feb. 1979 to Oct. 1981. I had some really good times there with such friends as Thomas Williams, Donnie Gipson Marion Brady, Sp4. Pridgeon, SSgt. Shoemaker, Sp4. Finley, Sp4. Henton, Charolette Mahn, Sp4. Posey, he was the mess hall cook there, SSGt. Wildman….and yes there was a man with that last name at the Point. There have been so many people that have come and gone through North Point that have made a difference in so many military lives and I do appreciate being stationed there. I am hoping some of you remember me. You can contact me at unrico925@outlook.com.

  147. Darren E. (Wild man) Collins Says:

    My name is Darren E. Collins….but everyone use to call me Wild Man. I was at the Point from Feb. 1979 to Oct. 1981. Some of the people I remember are Thomas William, Marion Brady, Donnie Gilson, Ssgt. Shoemaker, Sp4 Finley, Sp4 Posey….he was the mess hall cook, SSgt. Wildman….yes there was another Wildman there. Sp4 Henton, Jesse Rutledge….just to name a few. I really enjoyed my time there and wish I could see everyone I knew again. If anyone remembers me, please contact me at unrico925@outlook.com, I love to hear from u.

  148. Darren E. (Wild man) Collins Says:

    My name is Darren E. Collins….but everyone use to call me Wild Man. I was at the Point from Feb. 1979 to Oct. 1981. Some of the people I remember are Thomas William, Marion Brady, Donnie Gipson, Ssgt. Shoemaker, Sp4 Finley, Sp4 Posey….he was the mess hall cook, SSgt. Wildman….yes there was another Wildman there. Sp4 Henton, Jesse Rutledge….just to name a few. I really enjoyed my time there and wish I could see everyone I knew again. If anyone remembers me, please contact me at unrico925@outlook.com, I love to hear from u.

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  150. Johnny Bond Says:

    Worked the hill from 82-84. 558th MP CO 3rd Platoon (Hogs). I remember Leneski, Corn Boy, Chief, Jackson, Sharp, Bogart, etc. More will come to mind when I look through my stuff. We were brothers from other mothers. Who would have thought that our mission on the hill would effect our lives so much. We thought it was tedious and sucked at times…..but we really had it made. We were some tough bastards. No one breached our wire…..EVER! That includes the history of the 558th!!!

  151. D.T.Fuhrmann Says:

    Stationed at North Point from early 1968 until Jan 1970 in the 558th. Had a band called White Buffalo with Paul Moore, Jim “Fizz” Crawford (RIP) and Bill “the Drummer” Rochester during most of that time, playing enlisted and NCO clubs and dependent teen clubs. Hated tower duty, rarely got along with commanding officers, but can’t really complain because I wasn’t getting shot at by guys in black pajamas toting AK-47s.


  152. Gary Thompson Says:


  153. Jeff Traylor Says:

    Anyone remember me? Sergeant Traylor. I was at North Point from 1984 to 1987 and clearly remember the 24 up and 24 down schedule. I remember Sergeant Gaddy, Sergeant Stevens, and Sergeant Otto Dum. Use to think the security technology in the Primary Tower was so cool at the time. Got a bit of frost bite checking bunkers in the winter (initialing all those sheets every couple of hours). I have so many fond memories especially the Lyons Club. Drove my 76 Opal Manta everyone thought was so cool. Those days you thought you would stay young and live for ever.

  154. Woody Bullard Says:

    Dave Fuhrmann, I remember you and your band the White Buffalo. I arrived at North Point fresh out of Military Police AIT
    at Fort Gordon (B-10-4) in March of 1969. I was in the big squad bay on the second floor my first year at the Point.
    SSG Edgar Clark was my first SOG and CAPT Scrudder was the 558th CO until he was replaced by CAPT Conine. It’s great to
    see guys on the site that were at the Point while I was there. Working the towers and “herm guard” in the winter snow
    really did suck big time. I did like working the “A GATE” and COR duty at the ECP gate shack building. Sorry to see
    Jim Crawford (RIP) is no longer with us. After over forty years I wonder how many of the guys who were with us at the
    Point are still alive. Like you, I’m a member of the North Point website. Take care Dave.

  155. Woody Bullard Says:

    Gary Thompson, I was in the 558th with David Styler who you were at North Point with
    after you arrived in October of 1971. I could not find a photo of Styler but do have
    a photo of two MP’s who were at the Point with you. Tom Hofmann and John Ramser were
    at the Point after I left in August of 1971 and still had a year or more of duty there.
    If you remember Hofmann and Ramser I could e-mail you a photo of them.

  156. Woody Bullard Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the veterans who served at the Kriegsfeld Special Weapons Depot
    AKA North Point. Hope you all have a good 2015.

  157. Gary Thompson Says:


  158. Dan Wehner Says:

    Hey Gary Thompson, good to see your post. I remember you as well and I think I have you in some of my photos from 1972-73. Take care.

  159. Alden (Moe) Marrero Says:

    I was stationed at North Point about 71-72. I was a AUTOVON tech.
    found this site an am wondering if I can make contacts.

  160. Gary Thompson Says:

    dan, great to here from you. remember the cold, snowy missions we would go on? back then i hated it because it was so cold and seemed useless. cant forget the baf shack. many a game of spades and fuseball played in there.always enjoyed going to the faushings. i have many photos as well. i enjoy pulling them out and looking at them every so often. glad to here from you. i remember you very well. thanks for leaving the message. i check here every day for messages and love hearing from you guys. here from you later dan. gary

  161. Pat Kempen Says:

    @3rd herd 85-88. Hated every minute of it until I look back at the lives that we were all a part of. The one thing about North Point, is that no matter what, we were all family to each other.

  162. Pat Kempen Says:

    23rd herd. ^^^ sorry

  163. Fred Bryant Says:

    hi everbody.

  164. Fred Bryant Says:

    I was at NP Feb 77 to July 78. Worked in the motor pool 558th with SSG Willmeth and Paul Peabody. Was also a CA . ALL THE JOBS SUCKED but the parties were GREAT !!!

  165. art gore Says:

    short at the point 77=78 came from nato31

  166. Al Jole Says:

    619th Ord., July ‘86 through fall of ‘90. Fog Guard, Pinochle, and the day the Herm shot a tower while hunting…semi-drunk MP’s (weren’t you guys always? LOL!)in underwear and full load out running up the hill hoping to get to shoot something, ANYTHING!

    Alpha Mikes when the CH-47’s with coffee cans hung to catch the leaking hydraulic fluid would have to land every few hours because a warning light would come on…no biggie, it’s just a “special weapon”. LOL!

    Pay officer duty…you get an M-16, but no bullets. Guys going on sick call so they could eat a real military breakfast in Sembach AFB. I swear, we had the worst chow hall in the entire US Army.

    The wind storms of ‘90, roof tiles blowing into the streets, that big fir tree by the motor pool blew over, and the road down to Gerbach was closed for weeks.

  167. Marie Vega Says:

    I have been delighted to read all of your comments! I am in the Army and have recently started my tour in Germany and found the town of Kriegsfeld. So beautiful town and we might get to live there. The town has now 1103 residents. I had not idea until I stared to research the town that the Army had a place in this area. Would love to know more.

  168. Fred Bryant Says:

    Looking for todd Ricter ,George moyer or James Sanders

  169. SP/4 Wallace L. Boshaw Jr. Says:

    Hi anyone that was station at Northpoint from 1979 - 1981, give me a call at 254-295-3181. It would be nice if anyone remembers me I was with 619th Ord. Co. 1st platoon, my platoon leader was 2LT Filymire, platoon sergent was SFC Nimmons, truckmaster was SSG Eliott who also ran the bowling alley. If I remember correctly the commanders was LTC Morse then Major Jurek. Capt. Vicki Merryman was the commander of 558th MPs. please contact me. I am also looking for SP/4 Richard Hall who was there same time frame with 619th.

  170. George B. Harris (SP4) Says:

    JUNE 1960 - NOVEMBER 1961.
    H&H Detachment, 15th Ordnance Battalion
    Special Weapons Office

    About 55 years have gone by since my sojourn at North Point,
    Would enjoy hearing from anyone that served during the 50’s and 60’s.
    Photos from North Point and local towns would be appreciated.

  171. Neil Shoemaker Says:

    I was the commo NCO for the 619th 1977 to 1980. Left NP to Fort Hood. Retire in Aug. 1985.

  172. Bill Anderson Says:

    Just going through all of the messages. Bringing tears to my eyes. If you couldn’t have a wonderful time at northpoint you didn’t know how to have a good time. Known as Andy I was stationed at 558th. May 83- Sept. 85. 3rd. herd. willie166@hotmail.com Andy (airborne) Anderson. Good luck to all.

  173. Tom Hartley Says:

    I commanded the 619th from 1985-1987. I had the honor of serving with some fantastic soldiers who worked exceptionally hard supporting our mission. Our mission could not have been as successful as it was without the dedication to duty exhibited by the 558th. To all of you who served from 85-87 I would appreciate if you would contact me at tomandpattie75@yahoo.com.

  174. Orlando Guzman Says:

    I was there from 1977 to 1979 with the 619 order.Co.work in the commo shop with ssg Shoemaker I remember the 4 lane bowling alley good times for me lots of memories hate the fog hard in the fence lines God bless all who serve in there 619ord Co and 558 mp Co.

  175. Paul Peabody Says:

    Fred Bryant if you see this it was a blast

  176. Paul Peabody Says:

    post to 109, I remember Keith Durst, Bert Fuller these guys ran the arms room during my stay at the point. I remember Keith Durst trying to surprise in the hall by the arms room and I flipped over on his back. He said he hated former wrestlers

  177. Larry Smith Says:

    I was at North Point from 1968-1970. I was in the 558th MP Co. The orders I came over on had me in the 131st MP Detachment. Any other guys come over like that? I came home on leave in ‘69, got married, and my wife got to come over and spend my last year there with me. We lived off post in Kriegsfeld and we had a ball. Our daughter was born at Landstuhl Army hospital. Wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Nice reading all the comments.

  178. Woody Bullard Says:

    Larry Smith, I was in the 558th with you and I have a duty roster dated December 17, 1969
    with you working the ECP B Gate on the 1st relief. Great to hear from another 558th North
    Point MP who was at the Point while I was there. I was moved from the 558th to the 131st
    MP Detachment during my last year at the Point. The move was just paper work by the company
    clerk in the orderly room. Hope all is OK with you Larry.

  179. Richard "Vinny" Vinyard Says:

    558th MP Co (1988 - 1990)

  180. Cornell Beard Says:

    23rd ord . 1986-1989 service plt. Dispatcher and driver my e mail soopertruker@gmail.com

  181. Philip Hoefer Says:

    619th Ord. Stationed at North Point, 1970-1971. Communications. I used to have a company roster and misplaced it. Sad. It gave me names. I still communicate with Tami Murakami, Tom Brummett, and Denver Swope. Looking for Tim Rosencrans, David Riddle,Sgt Rainey, Susan Quensel and any others who served during this time…I drove by North Point a couple years ago. Closed down but the memories of that gate are strong. Wind generator on the hill now. I’m glad I found this site. Great reading some of the threads but I don’t recall any of the names.

  182. Woody Bullard Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to the 558th MP Company and 619th Ordnance Company
    veterans who served at North Point during the “COLD WAR” with the
    Soviet Union in a divided Germany. Hope all of you have a good 2016.

  183. Larry Smith Says:

    Good to hear from you Woody. I am doing great. Spent 36 years with the Tennessee Valley Authority working power plants. Retired now and doing a little traveling, hunting, and playing golf. It’s been a hoot seeing all these North Pointers on here. It’s a great site…even better when you hook up with someone who was there when you were. I seen where you were in B-10-4 at Fort Gordon. What a coincidence! I memory serves me right, I was in B-10-4 in late ‘67. It was cold there that year. You may have taken my spot in the 131st…I left in July ‘70.

  184. Larry Smith Says:

    Woody on second thought…I may have been in B-12-4 at Gordon. Anyway, getting old stinks! Memory one of the first to go! lol

  185. Darry Pittman Says:

    I was at North point 1985-87.I remember Cpl wall wreck he was in my platoon. Sfc.willie Johnson.23ord co

  186. Fred Bryant Says:

    Hi Paul. Hope life got better for you after N.P. Good to hear from you.

  187. Steven Pentecost Says:

    I have not visited here lately, but noticed I posted I was in 2nd plt. Sorry about that 3rd plt. , the one that was so good to me. I was originally assigned to the 131st Det., then the 558th. I hope all of you guys are well. John Wickert, Minneapolis, was in 3rd. We visit on FB. He sees Henry Williams and Tom Hoffman as they are in the area. He mentioned Keith Stass from Chicago and said he was well. Had to set the record straight on the plt. mistake. We did a good job at a lot of things!

  188. Steven Pentecost Says:

    Oh yeah, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  189. Steven Pentecost Says:

    Oh yeah, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Prost! Enjoy, and never forget. Thank you, Woody Bullard, for the e-mail with good info and pics.

  190. Timothy Todd Says:

    Was stationed at North Point from 82-85. 558th MP, Third herd. Lots of good memories. I left a piece of my heart there. Garbage pizza and St Wendeler’s pils beer. Doing “rush” and drinking Jagermeister. Good times.

  191. Woody Bullard Says:

    Larry Smith,
    I brought home photos of some of the 558th MP Company guys
    you and I served with at North Point during our time there.
    If I had a way to get in touch with you I could e-mail the
    photos to you. I’m sure you would remember the guys names
    and faces. It’s good to hear that you are doing well.

  192. gary thompson Says:

    just checked here and found new messages. happy new year to all. does anyone remember preacher baker from 558th? I found him on another site and emailed him but no answer as of yet. I was there 1971-1973.

  193. Douglas Says:

    558th MP NP 1989-1991

  194. Fred Bryant Says:

    Would like to hear from George Moyer, Todd Ricter, or Ralph Council.or Bruce. From Fargo N.D.

  195. gary thompson Says:

    hey gary rektorik. I remember you. john bishop and I were very good friends. my wife and his wife cathy was there. I also remember many others,jerry kahan and his wife cathy, Alaska, juan Garza, preacher baker, ron schuler, david mauger, weiner,and others. used to go to ice café where totiana and franco and their son luca. also I remember tim ash. he would go to ice café and get snockashoulders,a drink, I’m sure I mis spelled it. I lived in kirshiem. get back with me if you see this or any body else that remembers.

  196. gary thompson Says:

    hey steve Pentecost, I remember your name. bostick also took me to Frankfort to pick up my wife, also remem flennar and others you mentioned.

  197. George B. Harris (SP4) Says:

    Served at North Point from June 1960 to November 1961.
    Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment
    15th Ordnance Battalion
    Special Weapons Office

    Like to exchange photos from the 60’s and current info.

  198. Jackie Roome Says:

    I was with the 23rd Ordnance company that the MP company at North Point Guarded!

  199. John Eppedio (wad) Says:

    Hey all anyone stationed North Point from 79-82 probably remembers me!!! I fed all you guys! For the three years I was there I can say it was an experience I will never forget. I was there for the deer incident ” deer what deer” remember those t shirts some guys had made up and Capt. Merriman or Lt. Polo were pretty upset. I have a daughter that lives in Kirchheimbolanden so I was kept up to date on the closing of the place. Anyway any of my fellow soldiers that want to give a call please do…… Great memories, well most of them John Eppedio 386-503-3445

  200. Larry W. Smith Says:

    Woody…I would love to see the pics….email is lwsmith1@tds.net

  201. Bud Cantrell Says:

    Hi Woody!!!

  202. kenneth Gonzalez Says:

    I was stationed in Germany from 85 to 86 at a base called kriegsfield army depot 23rd ord.

  203. gary thompson Says:

    have a great memorial day.

  204. gary thompson Says:

    have a great 4th of july everyone.

  205. Jack Stanley Says:

    At North Point 1972-73, 558th MPC. Roomed with Gary Rektorik, Doug Baker & Dave Mauger. Married Joanne while home on leave & this year will be our 44th anniversary! I also remember Gary Thompson & his wife, Ron & Vickie Schuler, John & Kathy Bishop, Jerry & Cathy Kahan. We stayed with John & Kathy Bishop who I think moved into Larry Flenner’s apartment went he left & they also adopted his evil Siamese cat. Didn’t Ron & Vickie move into Gary’s apartment when he left? I think of North Point now & then and I’ve just seen the photos of how it looks today. They built new towers after we left & the perimeter fencing was widened to allow vehicles. I won’t forget the German civilians working inside the fence line cutting the grass & the sheep. I recall one night during a shift change the relief climbed the stairs to his tower only to be greeted by one of the sheep inside! A little sad to see North Point so overgrown & in disrepair but I didn’t know it was shut down, turned over to the German Military & then turned over to Kriegsfeld. Wish & hope everyone is well.

  206. gary thompson Says:

    hey jack. I remember you well. remember the time we went to fashing and when we went home, I found that I locked my key in the apt. we beat on the door but no one would wake up to let us in, so you climbed up the side of the house and pecked on the windows, but still couldn’t raise no one so we went to the halfway house to stay with john and Kathy kahan. I have photos and remember the same people. stay in touch. glad hearing from you.

  207. Woody Bullard Says:

    On August 10, 2016 I was able to meet with Bob Ellis (see entry#18 on this site) who was
    in the 558th MP Company at North Point with me during the years of 1969, 1970 and 1971.
    This was the first time we had seen each other since a cold January morning in 1971, more
    than 45 years ago. What a great experience this meeting was for both of us. We were like
    long lost brothers who just found each other. I have also met with Bud Cantrell (entry#3)
    who was in the 558th from 1975 to 1976. Even though Bud and I were at North Point in different
    years we still enjoyed our meeting. I hope some of the other North Point veterans on this site
    will have a chance to meet with someone they served with as I did with Bob Ellis.

  208. Maddox Says:

    Maddox here(Mad dog) North point was a lifetime ago it seems.

  209. Maddox Says:

    Was there 85 to 88.

  210. gary thompson Says:

    glad to see more entries.i check almost every day hoping to see someone on here. later

  211. Wayne Durham Says:

    I was at North Point from Nov 73 to Aug 75. 558th MP Co. I pulled towers and also was daytime SCA for a while. I keep in touch with a couple of the guys from that time period. Would love to hear from anyone there during that time. liver_puncher@yahoo.com.

  212. Tom McDowell Says:

    Was there at N.P. 558th 87-90. Good times / Bad times miss those days.

  213. gary thompson Says:

    happy veterans day.

  214. Woody Bullard Says:

    FROHE WEIHNACHTEN UND EIN GUTES NEUES JAHR 2017 to all the good people of Kriegsfeld
    and their neighbors in Kirchheimbolanden. Thank you for your friendship to this former
    Amerikanisch soldat while I was stationed in Deutschland. 1969, 1970 and 1971.

  215. Ollie Beck Says:

    At northpoint 72-73, remember wickert, buckshot,costalunga,barger,styler,draper. Hey John did you ever get that mg.

  216. Craig Harris Says:

    Hello, Bud Cantrell & Scott Rosenfelt. I have been trying to contact you both. We served together from ´76-´79. I have spoke with Lou Cava and Mike Catrain.

  217. Steven Tyler Says:

    I was at the Point in the early 80’s

  218. Michael Parshall Says:

    558MP Company North Point 83-84

  219. Sgt Garcia Says:

    I was stationed in North Point from 1985-1988. Worked at the Msg Ctr. Had a good time with many good friends. Hang around in Lions Club during the weekends.

  220. Matt Milnark Says:

    Served at north point dec 77 to jul 79. Good to see you all feel the same way I do about your time at the point. Great memories even though we all hated it at the time. The beer was awesome and on the 5 day break we consumed a ton of it. Can’t for get chokin red and how those new tower doors could crush a coke can. The black ice was horrible. Crashed the duty van into an imbankment on to road just outside of kitchen when I was headed back to the point. You all take care and Prost X your next beer for your time with the 558 mp co. Pass the new guy the boot with the toe up. Have fun. Love you all

  221. Tim Satterfield Says:

    I was at NP 74-75. I remember Hoppy, from Huntsville AL (he was in a car accident had his mouth wired shut). Big John was from Missouri. We did meet up in Kentucky after getting out of army. Anyone remember ‘decorating” the deuce and a quarter with limbs and bushes we were made to cut down or the time we went to gas house and someone had removed the filters from the 2LT, don’t remember his name but he was always messing with us. Email Timsatterfield1@gmail.com

  222. Steve Pentecost Says:

    Happy Independence Day to the veterans and current soldiers of the 558th. My US Army tour of 1971-73 seems ages ago yet only yesterday. I appreciate each and everyone’s service to the country, especially my bros of 3rd platoon of ‘72-’73. Salute!

  223. Lenny leneski Says:

    Hey Bob Alexander, a.k.a. Alex. I was also station with you and third heard. I remember you as the new private we had you do a donnersBerg radar check in the middle of a thunderstorm, boy were we crazy. Don’t know if you remember the name but I got busted for sleeping in a tower, number six, by Sergeant crews and hustead

  224. Pete De Beer Says:

    Stationed at North Point from 12/72 to 12/74. 1st platoon worked towers and later security building inside fence. Lt Bain Sgt Kaan 1st Lt Joseph M Tyo. First Sgt Terry. Midnight breakfast best meals ever.SSG Porter gave me rides into the Point from Bieschiem. Fausing festivals were great in the fall. SSG Ron zone had some great tales.

  225. Pete De Beer Says:

    Lived in Bieschiem with my wife in a courtyard with Bill and Jan Stevenson and Ricky and Cindy Costalunga.

  226. pete de beer Says:

    stations at the Point from 12/72 to 12/74. Live in Bischiem with my wife. Same courtyard with Bill and Jan Stevenson and Rick and Cindy Costalunga. Landlords were the Riengs (sp). Worked the towers for a while until they needed a clerk in the Security Building on th hill. Worked with a Lt Baun Sgt Kaan. CO was Joseph M. Tyo and 1st Sgt Terry. was in first Platoon with Roger Postma and a David Leathers. Faushing festivals in the fall were great. Believe it was a SSG Bostick who gave me rides into the Point fr Bischiem in his big blu Caddi.

  227. Kevin Surette Says:

    I was stationed at NP from 80-83 in 3rd Platoon…if it could break, we broke it. Spent the last year as one of the units armorers.
    I still have a few scars on my ass from a “waffle ass” given to me as a new guy courtesy of Sidu, Hose and “Fish” Good times!
    Was directly involved in the Jon Puda “Deer incident” lest than 2 weeks in country.
    Two of are brothers who served with us are now deceased: Eric Poindexter and Jeff Everding…rest easy boys I have the watch!

  228. Shelton H. Riggins Says:

    I was at the Point December 1977 to March 1979. I was one of five black guys in the 558th CO. I didn’t particular like North Point. I stayed there 16 months. Made some Friends. I will never forget NP.

  229. Theodore (Ted) Reed Says:

    I lived near Kriegsfeld in Dannensfels from 1977-1979 while in the Army. I was a 55G20 Sgt stationed at the 619th ord Co at Northpoint Depot. 558MP were our security force. I’ve lost touch years ago and looking for one of my closest friends, line#40, Keith Olson or any of the old gang from the assembly platoon. tedreed@hotmail.com.

  230. Leo V. Geaghan Says:

    I was the company clerk for the 558th MP Company from the Spring of 1970 until March 3rd 1971. Woody and I were there at the same time. Being the one to type up passes and leaves, as well as ration cards and such, I actually remember many names and faces, but because of my MOS and where I worked, not many found time to be friendly. First Sargent Beauchamp was there when I arrived, as was CPT Conine. I hardly knew Conine, he was replaced by CPT Naylor.

    Does anyone remember PFC Cheetham, he replaced me when my time was up.

    Anyone there in the 80’s or 90’s remember if Hannalora was still working in the PX? I think she lived in Kirchheimbolanden. She would be about 80 now. Think her last name was Klug. Always wondered how long she worked there, if anyone remembers her.

    Take care, nice visiting with everyone.

  231. George Harris Says:

    June 1960 to November 1961. Exciting time for the Berlin Crisis!

    Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment
    15th Ordnance Battalion
    Special Weapons Office

    Anybody still out there from the “old” days ??

  232. Michael Freeman Says:

    I was stationed at NP from 1979-1980 with the 558th MP. ETS in spring 1980 and returned to the states.

  233. Woody Bullard Says:

    FROHE WEIHNACHTEN UND EIN GUTES NEUES JAHR 2018 to all the good people in Kriegsfeld
    and their neighbors in Kirchheim-Bolanden. 558th Military Police Company North Point.
    1969-1970-1971. Great times in Deutschland to remember forever.

  234. Bruce D. Muir Says:

    I was stationed with the 558th from 12/73 thru 04/75. Sgt. Bostick was my platoon Sgt. When he rotated out we had the leadership of Sgt. Booker. Roomed with Bob Barlett. Frequented the Kroon in Kirshiembolanden. Had many a beers cognacs with David Mauger, Robbie Robinson, Forest Bronson. Definitely remember Mike Weibert and his wife. He invited a group of us over to his apartment for Thanksgiving Dinner 74. Wayne Durham country western music fan. Shared a few beers with you and listened to one of your favorites Tanya Tucker. North Pointe and the friends I made there will never be forgotten. iib@sbcglobal.net

  235. Jerry Starkey Says:

    With the 619th Ordinance ‘66 to ‘68. Didn’t have a fit for my MOS, (31B20) so they made me company clerk because I could type.
    Spent many, many evenings at Paul and Anna’s Gausthaus. I was amazed to see the post from Paul’s daughter, Roswita! What became of
    your younger sister? My friend from Barberton, Ohio, Terry Gallagher, was an MP there at the time. Would love to hear from Gary Harnish of Hagerstown, MD.

  236. DJ Says:

    Ref to blog 199. Hey John how’s it going? I love how you say you have an daughter in Kirchheimbolanden when you left Germany your girlfriend was 7 months pregnant and you told her you would be back in three weeks guess you forgot to go back. Then you never paid one dime in child support, never mailed a card or gift to your daughter. When she got married you did not help her at all with the wedding put you did pay for your two daughters weddings here real nice. Then never sent your two grandkids anything but when her husband died in an accident you were ther o wait that’s right you were not not ever an sympathy card. Then after 31years for some reason she wanted to come see you in Florida and what did you tell her make sure you bring spending money wow. then when I tried to tell you she was beat up by her boyfriend and in the hospital you refused to listen. You are a deadbeat dad and grandparent.

  237. Bruce D. Muir Says:

    Fun Fun fun

  238. Bob Bennett Says:

    I was at the Point from January 1972 until August 1973. In the towers for awhile then company clerk with Sgt. Terry, Cpt. Naylor, LT Collette, Lt. Bartelloci,Lt. Mathews, Lt. Baun.
    I roomed with Les Greger, then Mike White and a couple of others whose names I’ve lost over the years. Good friends with Mike Dean and his wife Robin.

  239. Dan Sellers Says:

    At North point in early 70s, for @ 3 years. Worked 5 days/5 nights/5days off. Will never forget that place!

  240. Flounder Says:

    Yeah I was there from Jan 82 to July 83 in 3rd platoon. My nickname was Flounder. That place was a real trip, but glad those days are long over. I remember Don Thompson, Joe Hillen, Kevin Surrette, Pete Metzger, Bonita C and a few others. I stayed in the army until 88 and Northpoint was the worst unit of them(!). LOL. Jägerschnitzel at Trudi’s in Gerbach…anyone remember that? Europe was pretty cool to explore, though. skippydoo603@gmail.com Previous is an easily throw-away email, btw. Would love to hear from some of you aging tower rats. Flounder

  241. Flounder Says:

    Hey all,
    I was at Northpoint from Jan 1982 to July 1983 as an MP with the 558th. My spitznamen/nickname was Flounder. Pretty crazy place. I remember Jeff Everding, Kevin Surette, Don & Lori Thompson, Joe Hillen, Pete Metz, Bonita C, etc. I stayed in until ‘88 and Nothrpoint was like the worst unit of them all! LOL. Kriegsfeld was pretty and good eats at Trudi’s in Gerbach, Lion’s Klub etc. skippydoo603@gmail.com
    Take care. Flounder

  242. Gary Rektorik Says:

    This site just popped up on my computer. Had forgotten about it. Read thru a number of the posts and found those from Gary Thompson and Jack Stanley (my old roommate). Brought back some fond memories. My email is grektorik@aol.com. Hope to hear from some of my former tower rats.

  243. Woody Bullard Says:

    FROHE WEIHNACHTEN UND EIN GLUCKLICHES NEUES JAHR 2019 to all the people in Kriegsfeld, Kirchheimbolanden,
    Gerbach and Rockenhausen. Same holiday greeting goes out to all my 558th Military Police Company brothers
    and sisters and the 619th Ordnance Company soldiers who served at NORTH POINT. I have many great memories
    from my 30 months stationed in Deutschland and the friends I left behind.
    558th Military Police Company. NORTH POINT 1969-1971.

  244. Mike Says:

    I remember being stationed there. Pretty awful place & duty. I wonder how many army careers this place killed off. Europe & D-Land was great. Even got to go to the DDR! I remember Kevin Surette, Don Thompson, Joe Hillen, Mike “Bogart”, etc. They called me Flounder. Lousy place/ some good people. skippydoo603@gmail.com

  245. Flounder Says:

    I was there 81-83, 3rd platoon. Lots of crazy events, to beat back the boredom. Traveling in Europe was fun, though. Prosit🍻

  246. Len Vargo Says:

    Hey Gary Thompson I was at NP the same time as you. 71-73. I remember most of the names you mentioned. Tim Ash, Juan Garza, Turkey, Buckshot. I hung out at the Ice Café all the time. I was good friends with Rob Tear. I was in his wedding along with Tim Ash when we got “back to the world”. Do you remember a guy we called “big time”. I’ll never forget the big fight that broke out at a Faushing Dance and the Germans busted chairs over his head. I drove him back in my old VW and bled all over the place. Good times!

  247. Jim Evenskaas Says:

    I’m pretty sure that this was around the early 80s. I had the Engineer Group that built the road around the inside of the storage area fence so you guys wouldn’t keep losing jeeps in holes on guard replacement. We also leveled out an area for a better ball playing area. We were up there the same time that the Dog Kennels were being built with heated floor and dog dishes. I enjoyed that project and all of its security restrictions. :P

  248. Frank Olivero Says:

    Was in the 619th 1968-1969. Initially stationed in fischbach for two days and transferred to 619th. Was a blessing because the fischbach depot was more isolated and had little amenities compared to kriegsfeld depot. Was stationed with a great bunch of guys.

  249. Frank Olivero Says:

    To Kevin hope. I remember the half way house. 1968-1969. Many good times there. Would go there during weekends to buy bottles of wine, 4 marks at the time, and then drive to many small towns and see ruin castles. Visited site while on vacation in 1995. Site locked and verboten sign posted. Half way house closed but changed to home. Brought back memories.

  250. Don Andrew Says:

    Hi folks–I was in the 558th MP’s at the point for the year 1978, we all know how it sucked. I am trying to find Reggie Thomas and anyone else that was there around then.
    John Lockhart is dead. Are there any Vets out there that came down with diseases related to the nuclear weapons we were guarding?
    Thanks, and be safe.

  251. Michael Freeman Says:

    Hi Don, I was with the 558th MP in 1979-80. Everybody liked reggie the “armourer”. Great guy. Last I know he ETS about the same time as me in 1980. He was heading back to New York, NY and then I lost touch.

  252. Bob Robinson Says:

    Supply Sergeant, 558th 1973 - 1975. This site brought back a lot of good memories. I recall lots of names I haven’t thought about in years; Dave Magar, Mark Senn. George Gashal, Gerry Clark, Willard Stutzman…

  253. Roger Taylor Says:

    I was there from 84-87. Worst duty I ever had, but I did enjoy seeing Europe.
    I was selected for recruiting duty when I left. Retired in 2003. Was in 3rd Plt.
    Had the worst company commander and Plt leader ever, but did have a great
    Plt Sgt. learned a lot.

  254. paulcaffrey Says:

    i was there in 66 and it was cold the coldest winter at time in germany many friends had frost bite and i still reminber to day on cold dayhere in boston my home town you were lucky too get heaters the next i will forget my time there its was lonley and unforgetable

  255. Howard Sam Lashure Says:

    I was stationed at NP from mid 1966 to Jan. 1968. I worked the main gate (A Gate) for most of my time there. During all that time and with the many personnel that passed through that gate, I never encountered any negative situation. These were all great people and it made for an excellent and memorable military experience.

  256. Woody Bullard Says:

    FROHE WEIHNACHTEN UND EIN GLUCKLICHES NEUES JAHR 2020 to all my North Point 558th and 619th brothers and sisters
    especially those of us who worked up on that hill. Same greeting to all the people at Kriegsfeld, Kirchheimbolanden,
    Gerbach and Rockenhausen. 558th Military Police Company. March 1969-September 1971.

  257. Mary A. Mack Says:

    I’m sure many may remember me and my now ex-husband SGT Willie Mack with the 558th. He worked on the hill and I worked in the orderly room until I was transferred to the operations on the hill with SSG Blackshaw, LT Norris, SFC Bloodworth and a few others that I cannot remember. I do remember SGT Gaddy and 1SG Odom. It wasn’t the best but it was okay being that it was our first assignment. Some great memories.

  258. G. Williams Says:

    North Point Germany 79-81
    I worked in the commo shop, SFC White, Sgt.Ford, Sgt.Hernandez, Webb and others. It was a great experience.

  259. Steve Pentecost Says:

    A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my brothers and sisters in arms. Thank you to this site for the opportunity to honor the 131st Det. and 558th MP Co. Our mission accomplished and hair is gray, but still kicking it “No Slack” style. Best wishes to all and hope for a healthy and prosperous 2021. We stood the tough watch and must continue to stay vigilant to preserve the Republic we served. Salute!

  260. Woody Bullard Says:

    FROHE WEIHNACHTEN UND EIN GLUCKLICHES NEUES JAHR 2021 Kriegsfeld, Kirchheimbolanden, Gerbach, Rockenhausen.
    To all the 558th Military Police Company and 619th Ordnance Company brothers and sisters that were stationed
    at North Point I wish you all a better 2021.

  261. Jason Fisher Says:

    I was with the 558 mp in 83-84

  262. gary thompson Says:

    hey gary r. i saw your message on line 88. i was there 71-73. i remember you and have pics of you,hoppy,perky,and others. my wife was there with me. we lived in kershiembolandon and hung out with john and cathy bishop.

  263. gary thompson Says:

    yes dan w. i remember you from your message line 101.

  264. gary thompson Says:

    hey vargo you were the clerk.remember when we went to a faushing and coming back it was so foggy that i think it was you ran down the road in front of the car with the lights on so we could stay on the road. i remember times back then were fun

  265. Len Vargo Says:

    Hey Gary, Sounds like something I did. But if we were coming back from Faushing I’m sure I was pretty drunk! Lot of great memories!

  266. gary thompson Says:

    yes and i think sgt reeves new it because we were almost late for our roll call for work that night

  267. Emmit thompson Says:

    2nd platoon September 72/April 74 crazy man,Alaska,head hunter ,brownie,bear,never forget the good times and the bad it was party or go mad seen that happen a few times haven’t heard from anyone in years hope everyone is well.

  268. JOHN OHMEIS Says:

    I was stationed there 80 to 82 place was a blast

  269. Woody Bullard Says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022 to the 558th MP and 619th Ordnance brothers and sisters
    that were stationed at *North Point* and worked up on the hill. I hope we all have a better 2022.

    558th Military Police Company. March 1969 to September 1971.

  270. Wes Reynolds Says:

    I was stationed at North Point 82-83, I had some great times and have fond memories of my time stationed in Germany. I would love to reconnect with anyone who was stationed there at the same time. My email is wesreynolds61@yahoo.com

  271. Bruce Whitaker Says:

    Hey 3rd platoon in the 558th, anybody remember windmill the truck driver made a tower rat. I was there from 10/73 to 4/75, entire time in the boxes until the last month due to Sergeant Booker. Saw some familiar names in the posts. Beaver, Hawkeye, Moe, Butch, Nerve, Billy, Sergeant Booker and all the rest. Anybody remember smokin a bowl in the fairy forrest, and Sergeant Booker snuck up on us. Damn been 50 years!!

  272. John Bishop Says:

    third Plt, 1972-1974 just like to say hello to all of you tower rats.

  273. John Bishop Says:


  274. Baumholder Says:

    Was there at NP early 80’s. It was part of 72nd Ordnance Bn. The battalion LTC couldn’t stand MP’s, and it showed. An ordnance guy could fart, and if he didn’t fill his pants, they were put in for a BSM. If two MP’s saved 30 kids from a burning building, the award would’ve been watered down to a Good Conduct medal(!). It really sucked.

  275. gary thompson Says:

    just wanted to check to see if anyone else from 1971 to 1973 558 mp is still checking on here

  276. gary thompson Says:

    hey john bishop this is gary thompson remember you cathy sandy and me were in germany. where are you and what are you doing now

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