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January 27, 2007


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  1. Synnoeve Kristen Says:

    Hello Laurenz,
    It was realy enjoyable to surf around your sites! Fantastic pictures.
    I have also photography as my most important hobby. Which camera do you have now - digital? (body and lens) I have a Canon 400D with a Sigma 17-70 mm Macro. It takes fantastic pictures.
    I have two dogs - Podenco Andaluz. A breed with roots in Egypt many tousend years ago. They look like Anubis with a greyhound body and very big ears.
    I want to make a picture in photoshop of my dogs with a nice egyptian sunset or pyramid picture as a background. Unfortunately I have not been there so I have no photos. Do you have any suitable one which I can use for free for this purpose? You can see one of my dogs on my temporary website www.luxordog.com
    Kind regards
    Mrs Synnöve Kristen in Stockholm (born in Finland)

  2. hamdey Says:

    Luxor is a city located in Upper Egypt, in the province of Qena. It was the ancient city of Thebes - the capital of Ancient Egypt. The early Arab travelers, who admired Luxor for the numerous monuments and ruins scattered around the city, gave it its name. In Arabic Luxor means “the palaces”. Today’s city is among the most famous and popular tourist destinations in Egypt, one of those places you must see. So therefore, all the major travel agencies have main regional tourist offices there that also act as destination service offices. The weather in Luxor is fairly hot all year round. Temperature can reach up to 40-50 C during the summer time The city of Luxor has population of around 230 thousand How to get there: * You can reach Luxor by air, train or bus. By flight: Luxor International Airport is located 6 KM east of the centre of the city. As it is an International airport, it can receive international flights as well as local, domestic ones. You can fly directly into Luxor from many European airports. Egypt Air runs daily flights from Cairo to Luxor. The flight costs approximately $250 and takes about 50 minutes. Please note: You must book your tickets in advance. By Trains: The main railway station in Luxor is located in El- Mahata Square. There are frequent train services from Luxor to Cairo and from Luxor to Aswan, as well as other southern sites such as Edfu and Kom Ombo

  3. andrew mclagan Says:

    I have a strong belief that the art of capturing a beautiful photograph is one that can be learned and mastered by anyone. It is a simple and accessible medium for artistic expression. The ability to immerse yourself into a situation or another culture and experience the depth of it and then bring that story to light through images, this is where i believe the state of the art lies.

    The world around us is full of stories, every person on this planet could write a riveting novel telling of their lives. To see the differences in our cultures and each other and discover these stories is what makes life so rich. It brings us together. Fearing these differences and closing our eyes to these stories is what divides us. If you take a step outside you will see that people in all countries laugh and cry, have sons and daughters, Friends and families and we all fall in love. We must always travel in the direction of our fear, or that fear will become us.

    This is a wonderful site!

  4. Lashunda Towle Says:

    It is with humble pride that we inform you that we have as many ancient historical sites as Sigiriya and fascinating places in Sri Lanka that will delight your mind. Accordingly, I am happy to inform you that after you visit Sigiriya, it will also cover the various places in Sri Lanka that you can reach from Sigiriya. So, now let’s go around Sri Lanka from Sigiriya

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