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October 25, 2010

Çay - Turkish Tea

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tea cups on a tray

2 Responses to “Çay - Turkish Tea”

  1. Valerie Goettsch Says:

    This photo reminds me of my visit to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul where I was offered tea numerous times. Nice photo.

  2. Street food | Our Wanderjahr Says:

    […] As for çay, there are the odd “street” çay sellers, but it’s not a good way to go, because they have to give it to you in a paper cup and where’s the fun in that? There’s something special about holding the classic glass Turkish tea cups, on their little red and white saucers, that makes drinking tea out of a paper cup just seem barbaric. Luckily, you can still get tea everywhere. If you are getting your haircut, the shampoo boy will be sent out to the nearest çaycisi (ready-made tea seller) to order whatever çay is needed and a little while later, another young man will be along carrying one of these holding the steaming çay. If you are in the park or on the ferry, you can either wait for the çaycisi guy to come around and then you can flag him down and grab one off his tray or you can just go to the çaycisi yourself and get one. Then you can bring the glass back to them if you want to be helpful, or just leave it on your seat and they will come around and get it later. […]

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