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July 31, 2008

Young elk at Skansen

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young elk at Skansen

young elk standing

Skansen is a museum village right in the centre of Stockholm showing many wooden buildings from Sweden.
It also has a nice zoo with domestic animals including elk and bears.
This young elk obviously still had some problems to coordinate 4 long legs…

3 Responses to “Young elk at Skansen”

  1. Animalia Says:

    Um… this is actually a baby Moose, not an elk.

  2. site admin Says:

    actually, here’s what Wikipedia has to say on elk and moose: “The animal bearing the scientific name Alces alces is known in Europe as elk and in North America as moose. The name elk is connected with several earlier European variants—Latin: alces, Old Norse: elgr, Scandinavian: elg, and German: Elch—all of which refer to this animal.

    Confusingly, the word elk in North America refers to the second largest deer species, Cervus canadensis, also known as the wapiti. Early European explorers in North America, who were familiar with the closely related but smaller red deer of Central and Western Europe, believed that the much larger North American animal looked more like the European elk (i.e. moose), so they named it elk.”

    I saw this animal in Sweden, where it was labelled as “elk”, which, incidentally is quite similar to the German name “Elch”.

  3. gayle sacry Says:

    I just returned from Norway, where I had the opportunity to discuss with several people about a misconception that we have in the United States. One of the ranchers who is also a hunter, explain to me about and elg. I thought that he meant elk. But he immediately corrected me and showed me a set of horns of an elg. I said that they look more like Moose horns, and he again corrected me and specifically said they were not from the Moose. And elg definitely does not look like an elk. It does look more like a Moose, however there are some distinct differences. We were able to see a mounted elg head and it was different from the Moose. While driving through the forest we saw two elg . At first I thought they were Moose, however they were definitely different from any of the many Moose that I have seen. Both of the Norwegian people that I talk to said that they are definitely not an elk and they are definitely different from a Moose and in Norway they call them elg . They do also have a lot of Moose in Norway.

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