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March 23, 2008

Caiman Portrait

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Crocodile at Tambor Beach

I spotted this nice fellow under a bridge crossing a small rivulet near the hotel.
As this was the mouth of the small river, and the water presumably quite brackish, I guess that this was a crocodile rather than a caiman, but I’m by no means sure.
Maybe someone more knowledgeable can enlighten me?
Actually, the way this animal looked was quite “cute”, and neither of us seemed to be scared although we were only a few meters away from each other…

5 Responses to “Caiman Portrait”

  1. meloney Says:

    I love these animals.. And I agree, this one is cute!

  2. amy Says:

    It is a caiman - the way to tell the difference is that crocs’ snouts are not as pointy at the ends like a caiman and caiman also have little pointy tips on top of their eye lids (like this one does).

  3. Laurenz Says:

    Thans for the clarification!


  4. Sally Says:

    this Caiman is awesome!

  5. plantesjardinsnature Says:

    yeah it’s a caiman the crocs are also bigger in shapes not so well joint.You were lucky cuz you were quiet close to him and he didn’t react.

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