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January 27, 2008

Coral Bay, Cyprus

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Coral Bay, a beautiful beach near Paphos

Coral Bay, situated north of Paphos.

3 Responses to “Coral Bay, Cyprus”

  1. Emilie "college degrees diploma" Scott Says:

    I wish i could visit this place, i love beaches and sunsets…

  2. Jay Says:

    That is a wonderful photograph of Coral Bay. If in search of idyllic beaches I recommend looking at North Cyprus. No matter where you go on the island there is a beach to suit, from long sandy beaches to quiet coves and wild stretches of coastline. West of Kyrenia is Escape Beach (Five Mile Beach)…a very popular beach that stretches its golden sands out to the horizon. There is a small fee to pay to access the beach, but it is worth it for the perfect sand and facilities.

    A short drive further up the coast is Deniz Kizi - another spectacular beach renowned for the quality of its sand. If you continue out westwards to the tip of the island, past Kayalar, you’ll reach some of the more deserted Cypriot beaches where you can enjoy some breathtaking scenery and, of course, those famous Mediterranean sunsets. The road up past Kayalar is a bit rough. When you arrange your Northern Cyprus car hire then you should be sure to choose a vehicle that is suitable for the terrain.

  3. john Says:

    This brings back memories, our first holiday abroad to the Coral Beach Hotel, is the bus still £1 for any destination?, lovelly holiday we did the Egypt excursion from there (22hrs non stop but worth it)

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