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June 20, 2007

Take it from the Hippos Mouth

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hippo in Opelzoo, Germany
This fellow is hoping for carrots and you actually can see a few deep inside the hippos mouth.
The teeth are quite impressive, and fortunately you cannot smell the animal’s breath…

9 Responses to “Take it from the Hippos Mouth”

  1. harriett & chloe Says:


  2. Toshiko Sato Says:

    how random but sooooo amazing

  3. megan Says:

    Cool!! Love the view of the carrots in the mouth!!

  4. curry man Says:

    i have a bigger mouth

  5. Reegan Browne Says:

    WOW ! When I saw this picture online I knew this would be the one for a picture of a Hippo !!! I love Hippos I think they are wounderful ! I am using this picture for my project on Hippos !!! Thanks for posting this picture !

  6. Meg Says:

    Wow!! Nice picture, but i think the hippo needs to go t teh dentist :)

  7. Fuji12mann Says:

    I love the smell of a hippo’s mouth. I want to be swallowed alive by a hippo.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    That is really dis-gusting man!!!!!! 2 thumbs ^

  9. Forrest Hanchar Says:

    That is so cool. If I had daughters, They would love to see the inside of a hippo’s stomach by being swallowed alive.

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