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May 26, 2007

Electrico - Lisbon Tram

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the famous Electrico (Lisboa / Lisbon, Portugal, Photo by Laurenz Bobke)

An “electrico” or traditional Lisbon tram. There are many expensive tours on double decker buses, but a ride with electrico 28 will also bring you to most attractions and actually get much closer to some of them.
It’s also much cheaper - and more fun!
The sign on the tram says “colinas de Lisboa” - “Hills of Lisbon” and indeed, it has a steep hill to climb.
Like Rome, Lisbon is built on 7 hills and there are “Miradouras” (”golden views”) almost everywhere.

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  1. Electrico - Lisbon Tram Says:

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  2. Tatiana Ecetova Says:


    the tram on the photo is a historical tourist tramcar and not the public N║ 28. 28 is yellow.
    Although the travelling on public transport is cheaper, you have to be careful about pickpocjets appearing in often crowded tram 28. On contrary, historical red tramcar tour leaving from Praša do ComÚrcio allows you to know the most picturesque neighbourhoods of Lisbon in a friendly and comfortable way, while listening to the commentary available in several languages or melancholic melody of fado. You will pass the narrow and steep streets of this charming city, you will see people chatting at the door, dogs observing the city life from balconies. You will certainly fall in love with this city and sooner or later you will come back.

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