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March 11, 2007

A day at the “Fasanerie”, Wiesbaden

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The “Fasanerie” in Wiesbaden is home to animals that used to live in the region such as the Wisent (a form of buffalo), wolves and even some bears.

more photos taken at the “Fasanerie”, Wiesbaden: racoon, young foxes.
more photos from Wiesbaden at A Photo a Day.
I also have a special site only showing photos from Wiesbaden.
More about Wiesbaden:
Official website of the city
The salient facts at Wikipedia.

6 Responses to “A day at the “Fasanerie”, Wiesbaden”

  1. sue deakin Says:

    very interesting and good photographs of the animals always
    something nice from wiesbaden!

    from sue in cheshire, england

  2. lucie walds Says:

    how did whoever took these pics get that close to them??
    i would be so scared,there cute and all.but still i would never get that close unless i was
    an professional at htat stuff or something..

  3. Laurenz Says:

    there is a fence and a platform, but the animals have a lot of space and can hide in the wood if they wish to.
    Bears and wolves actually live together without probles, btw.

  4. Jim Says:

    Having recently visited the Fasanerie in Wiesbaden and taken a number of phots i would be willing to submit some to you at no chargeif you would so like.

  5. rissa Says:

    omg there sooooo cuit i love wolves and this ia a great pic of them

  6. Las Vegas Photographer Says:

    very nice artwork, your not afraid of them?

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