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January 16, 2007

Costa Rica: Monkey on the Beach

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Hanging your rucksack from a tree may offer a certain protection against other species, however, the Capuchin monkeys are not easily deterred, especially if they know there are fruits to be found.
Actually, a few minutes later when nobody was looking, a colleague of the monkey in the picture retrieved a shopping bag full of fruit from another traveller and disappeared with it in a high tree.
Seen on a Costa Rica beach.

2 Responses to “Costa Rica: Monkey on the Beach”

  1. J.M. Says:

    I am the biggest fan of monkeys

  2. abby walker Says:

    i beleive monkeys are my favorite animals out of them all..they’re soo smart..bout as smart
    as me really!!!
    if my mom let me get one..i probally would!!

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