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April 14, 2006

St Stephan: church window by Marc Chagall

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church window by Marc Chagall

church windows in St Stephan, a catholic church in Mainz.
The blue glass windows by Marc chagall are a major tourist attraction.

4 Responses to “St Stephan: church window by Marc Chagall”

  1. Alba Says:

    I have surprised myself by learning to love Marc Chagall’s art; and it happened while we were made aware of Varian Frey’s role of saving many jewish artist during from persecution from the nazis.

    Check it out!

  2. Sanoske-kun Says:

    OMG. I have been here! This church was quite amazing. The blue light coming through the windows made the church fele surprisingly warm compared to some of the darker more solemn churches in and around Mainz.

  3. Madeira Holidays Says:

    stunning - i imagine it’s even better when you’re standing in front of it.

  4. Property Malta Says:


    we have so many fabulous church’s in Malta with wonderful design and architecture, but this is truly beautiful.

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