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March 3, 2006

Loro Parque

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Jumping Dolphin

Yesterday, I visited Loro Parque - a zoo that once specialised in parrots but now also has a huge penguin area and a spectacular dolphin show.
Beautiful and a good choice if one can’t be too sure about the weather.

9 Responses to “Loro Parque”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    this is a beautiful picture

  2. chris lee Says:

    this is a smart place to vist and as for the shows they are another thing as they are spectacular

  3. abby walker Says:

    uh i love dolphins..they are soo beautiful..once when i was n florida i went swimming with
    them..it was a little scary at first,but ofcourse i got used to it.

  4. Nobody Says:

    At Loro Parque there whas orca whales and sea lions shows too,
    but i liked the dolphins :)

  5. Virginia Says:

    Having such a wild and beautiful animals in a pool for human enjoyment is cruel and should be prohibited. Giving money to Loroparque or similar zoos helps to mantain this prisions alive, where animals suffer and die doing silly things just to be feeded.

    People who loves these animals should go and see them in their natural habitat, where they are free and happy, and we can see them acting naturally.

  6. site admin Says:


    I always have mixed feelings when seeing animals in a zoo and this is especially true in this case.
    Many of the other animals seemed to live in very good or at least adequate conditions, but after reading an article a dive magazine, I very much doubt that it is at all possible to create the right conditions for them in captivity.
    Just watching the show and reading the brochure, you could actually believe the animals were happy and had a much better chance to survive than in the wild, but the stats I read now tell a very different story.

    By the way, I already met some dolphins riding the waves and circling the dive ship I was on.
    Their speed was truly amazing…

  7. Jodie Says:

    i Went To Loro Parque And i Saw This Show ;)

  8. val-pal Says:

    wow, i love dolphins!!! they are soo cute.

  9. Paul Crouch Says:

    Most dolphins in captivity are taken from theie natural habitat and forced to perform for people in such shows. Don’t suport such organisations if you love dolphins.

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