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November 13, 2005

An unfair comparison

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Comparing an analogue and a digital photograph

Cloud, photographed with a Minolta Dynax 9 on Fujichrome Velvia
How often have I seen a beautiful sky and could not capture it - except in my mind? When I was in Carlisle, I had the luxury to have two cameras with me: my Minolta Dynax 9 (or Maxxum 9 in the US) and a very small point-and shoot Panasonic Lumix FX8 digital camera.

I was quite happy with the result produced by the Panasonic, but I very much prefer the result I got back from the lab when my slide was developed.
Cloud in Carlisle photographed using a Panasonic Lumix FX 8
Actually, apart from the fact that the SLR camera is much bulkier and heavier, it also has a spot meter, which explains the much more dramatic sky. I did underexpose a bit with the Panasonic as well, but I guess to a much lesser degree (one of the disadvantages of analogue photos: no EXIF data…

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