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November 16, 2004

Historic train: the “lezard rouge”

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The Lezard Rouge train makes a photo-stop in the desert.
This is one of the most spectacular train trips one can take: the historical “Lezard Rouge” (red lizard”) train travels through stony desert landscapes, mountains, gorges, but also stops at green oases.
The Lezard rouge used to serve the phosphate mines from Metaloui, but nowadays it is only a tourist attraction.
The ancient carriages are a sight themselves, but the main sight is the scenery the train passes through.
The train needs less than an hour for the distance and then returns the same way it has come - giving you a second opportunity to take pictures of the spots you missed the first time!

scenery near Metloui (Tunisia)
You can see landscapes like this from the train.

PS: I just had the opportunity to undertake two even more spectacular train journeys: from Cuzco to Machu Picchu in a moder panorama train and from Cuzco to Puno (near Titicaca lake) in the Inca Express.
this, however, is a different story and you’ll see some pictures from those trips soon on this site…

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