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July 14, 2004

Travel Photography Webring

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I hope that you like my site. There’s this photo log, the country galleries, the guest gallery and also the thematic galleries at Online Photo Galleries.

Still, there are many other photo sites that have equally good - or even better - pictures.
How do you get there?
I have linked to some of the sites I like myself and of course, there always are search engines like Google.

Another Option is Webrings. A webring combines different sites on a given subject matter, using a simple navigation system. It’s up to the ring manager to decide which sites to accept, but ideally you’ll have a chance to easily follow a way through many high-quality pages.
One ring I manage is Travel Photo Webring, another one I would recommend is Photography and Travel by my friend Ralf Büschges.
Some more rings I maintain.

Try this - I hope you’ll have a your fascinating virtual journey !
However, if you should find a break in the navigation of one of my rings - or a site that really doesn’t belong there: please tell me! I make a point of visiting the member sites myself from time to time, but it may take a while to check out thousands of pages…


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