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February 18, 2007

Balloon Race


Balloon Race, originally uploaded by Heaven`s Gate (John).

Multicoloured hot air balloons take off into a cloudless blue sky, over the English countryside.

January 1, 2007

Sun Break over the Alhambra


Sun Break over the Alhambra, originally uploaded by bgladman.


August 23, 2006

Olden, Costa Atlantica HDR

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Olden, Costa Atlantica HDR, originally uploaded by R.Duran.

Olden - Nordfjord - Sogn og Fjordane - Norway - July 2006

High Dynamic Range (HDR) image created with Photomatix Pro and Photoshop (levels, unsharp mask and noise reduction). Three bracketed JPG shots with 1 exposure stop - Nikon D70s Lens Sigma 18-200mm (3,5-6,6) at f:14 1/125 sec. - 26 mm - ISO 200 - WB Auto -3

June 6, 2006

Rome and his churches

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Rome and his churches, originally uploaded by Giampaolo Macorig.

View from the “Altare della Patria” monument, Rome

May 22, 2006

Ruins in the wind…

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Ruins in the wind…, originally uploaded by Giampaolo Macorig.

the beginning of Via Appia Antica, Rome

March 12, 2006

Plitvice Lakes - Turquoise Pool


Plitvice Lakes - Turquoise Pool, originally uploaded by acastellano.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

January 15, 2006

A stairway to Andalucia


A stairway to Andalucia, originally uploaded by cuellar.

Staircase in Mojacar, Almeria.

January 2, 2006

Memories of Vltava

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Memories of Vltava, originally uploaded by cuellar.

Vltava river through Prague.

December 29, 2005

beach of kvalvika - Lofoten islands

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beach of kvalvika - lofoten islands (another “perfect” place that stays in my memory),
originally uploaded by Reinhard.Pantke.

The photographer: this beach is north of the arctic circle, on the west side of lofoten. You reach the place after a hike, the water temperature is here around 12-14 degrees celsius (well in summer). Next stop to the west is greenland!!! But its a great place!”

November 11, 2005


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papageitaucher/puffin, originally uploaded by Reinhard.Pantke.

Puffin in Norway.

November 4, 2005

The Ideal of Beauty

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The Ideal of Beauty, originally uploaded by lapidim.

The Photographer: “Under the last beams of a setting sun, the Parthenon looks just incredible, a monument 25 centuries old, the Ideal of Beauty, the peak of the esthetical achievements of a great civilization.”

Parthenon - Athens, Greece

October 23, 2005

Gateway to hell

Gateway to hell, originally uploaded by hkvam “Námaskarð has very active solfataras (sulphurous mud springs) and fumaroles (steam springs), none of which contain pure water. The mud craters are uncommonly large and are well worthy of the travelers attention, whereas many of the steam craters are drilling holes that have been covered with rocks. There is no vegetation in this high temperature area and the ground is sterile and very acidic due to the effects of the fumes from the mud springs.”
Námaskarð geothermal area, Mývatn, N-Iceland
Lens: Sigma 10-20mm at 10mm.
ISO 100, f5.6, 1/50

October 19, 2005

Annecy 1

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Annecy 1, originally uploaded by solilos.

Annecy, France

October 13, 2005

The colors of autumn

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The colors of autumn, originally uploaded by 1_ralf.

Mirror images at the Lago di Braies / Pragser Wildsee, South Tyrol.

October 5, 2005

my purple-blue world

my purple-blue world, originally uploaded by josef.stuefer.

“Sort of dreamy
Sort of dizzy
People get silly
Back to my childish
Search for fantasy”

[text & title by cllover]
Nijmegen, Netherlands

September 26, 2005


Twilight, originally uploaded by lapidim.

Santa Luzia - Algarve - Portugal
A truly magical moment just before sunrise

A petition by the photographer:
there is a new Humanitarian Pool to help our friends in the Gulf Coast in this horrible moment they are in.
Please join and help in this auction. I’ll print this image and sent it anywhere in the Globe to the best bidder.
Together we can make a difference. Again.”

Hay un nuevo Grupo de carácter humanitario para ayudar nuestros amigos que están sufriendo con el pasaje del terrible huracán Katarina.
Se trata de una subasta de fotos cuya recaudación será donada a OGNs que trabajan en esta emergencia.
Imprimiré y enviaré esta imagen al mejor postor, aunque viva en el otro lado del globo
¡Una vez más, juntos podemos hacer la diferencia!”

September 21, 2005

London Shines

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London Shines, originally uploaded by MykReeve.

“05:57 - As sunrise approached, the morning sky continued to brighten, and the view east from the top of London’s City Hall was absolutely stunning.”

September 16, 2005


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Behold, originally uploaded by Number Six.

The Munster, Ulm, Germany

September 15, 2005

St. Nicholas’ Cathedral #2

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Galway, Ireland.

September 11, 2005

Caño del Guadiamar

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Caño del Guadiamar, originally uploaded by rashuli.

Translation: “An excursion to the “centro de Visitantes Jose Antonio Valverde” belonging to the village Hinojos and near Aznalcazar in the North of the Doñana National Park.
Birdwatching in Caño del Guadiamar is a real luxury.”

Original Post:
“Excursión al centro de Visitantes Jose Antonio Valverde, localizado en el sector norte del Parque Nacional de Doñana y perteneciente a la localidad de Hinojos , por muy poco a la de Aznalcazar. Caño del Guadiamar, zona de avistamiento de aves, un verdadero lujo.”

September 7, 2005

Sunset in Milan

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Sunset in Milan, originally uploaded by *Ivan*.

“Taken with the old HP120″

September 4, 2005

Caspe Místico

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Caspe Místico, originally uploaded by Lou Rouge.

Zaragoza, Spain.

September 3, 2005


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borgarnes, originally uploaded by hkvam.

View of Baula, Borgarfjörður, West Iceland

August 31, 2005

St Giles Dawn

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St Giles Dawn, originally uploaded by Kevin Day.

“Early morning in the graveyard of St Giles Church, Stoke Poges, Slough, just a lovely church and beautiful grounds and memorial garden. A place of peace and tranquility in Slough.

A link to points of interest
www.stokepogeschurch.org/tour_of_st_giles.htm ”

August 30, 2005


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jellyfishclouds, originally uploaded by hkvam.

and the clouds started melting.
Skagaströnd, North Iceland

August 24, 2005

leffe blond

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leffe blond, originally uploaded by josef.stuefer.

leffe blond

August 23, 2005

My Africa

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My Africa, originally uploaded by *Ivan*.

May 17, 2005, Milan

August 17, 2005

Langley Arboretum

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Langley Arboretum, originally uploaded by Kevin Day.

“Langley Country Park Arboretum. The early morning light gets filtered through the trees and takes a while to burn the mist off the has been left from the night before.
I just love this time of day.”

August 6, 2005

Pont de Bercy

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Pont de Bercy, originally uploaded by alterednate.

Pont de Bercy, Paris

August 4, 2005

midnight sun

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midnight sun, originally uploaded by josef.stuefer.

Kevo, Finland
“Cross the line
Around the sky
Never sleep
No more goodbye
Keep nice dreams at night”

August 3, 2005

Bass Rock, Firth of Forth, Scotland

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Bass Rock, Firth of Forth, Scotland

August 1, 2005

The life is elsewhere (Milan)

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The life is elsewhere (Milan), originally uploaded by *Ivan*.

Milan (Italy).

July 24, 2005

Charles de Gaulle, Terminal E

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charles de gaulle terminal e, originally uploaded by razorbern.

This architecture certianly makes the wait a bit more pleasent…

July 23, 2005

Lisboa, Portugal, March 2005

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Lisbao, Portugal, March 2005, originally uploaded by MagicWorld.

Lisbon, Portugal, March 2005

Istlikal Cad. Istanbul, Turkey

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Istlikal Cad. Istanbul, Turkey, originally uploaded by Damiel.

The photographer: “The story behind the picture is that in this street there is an old tram running. On this tram there were always small boys trying to get a free ride. I was standing on the rear platform and watched this boy fall off the tram, which runs in just walking speed, and the picture was taken while he were trying to catch up on the tram. Nothing is planned on the picture, just point and click, and try to avoid the direct sun. But it is one of my own favourites…”

July 22, 2005


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Misty-Morning-9, originally uploaded by Kevin Day.

“The early morning mist, glowing in the sunlight, moves across the lake at Langley Country Park, Slough”

July 21, 2005

Mont St. Michel - Reflecting Tides

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The photographer: “The tides roll in here like thunder - it’s quite magical.”

eiffel tower 2

eiffel tower 2, originally uploaded by John Gusky.

An unusual perspective for Paris’ most famous monument.

July 15, 2005

Parque de la España industrial 2

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Parque de la España industrial 2, originally uploaded by xip.

Park of industrial Spain.
Near the station of train of Sants.Barcelona).

July 14, 2005

Lost Icon

Lost Icon, originally uploaded by alteredNate.

There had been a religious icon at the end of this columnade… however it was removed for unknown reasons.

This was taken in the Cathedral of Chartres, about an hour west of Paris.

July 12, 2005


Misty-Morning-5, originally uploaded by Kevin Day.

2 dead trees reflecting in Langley Park lake Slough at sunrise


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