A word of warning first: Im an amateur myself. I have taken pictures since I was a school boy, adding up to some thirty years experience.
Still, there are many pros out there who may be better qualified.
The photo tips presented here deal with the aspects of travel photography that were most important to me. If you find that something is missing, please contact me.

So, please read my advice, think about it and where you feel it makes sense, try it out.
By all means, also look for other sites with photo tips!
They may cover different areas of photography, explain something more in depth or even contradict what I am saying. Fine. In the end you have to find your own way anyway.
Why I have uploaded this section? I received quite a few mails asking for personal tips, - so some of my visitors seem to be actually interested...
Now: have fun!


If you want to discuss photography in general or exchange tips on travelling with a camera, why not visit a travel photography forum?
Some other sites with great photo-tips can be found in the link section, under photo-resources.

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