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European Photo Gallery

Click for thumbnails. OLd Farm House, Southern France.
Click for thumbnails. The "Alster", Hamburg, Germany.
Click for thumbnails. Sunset in Glasgow (Scotland).
Click for thumbnails. San Sebastian, Spain.
Northern Spain
Click for thumbnails.Pictures from a trip to Madeira (Portugal), the gree island.
More pictures from Europe (Germany, Finland, Greece, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Italy, Malta, Rome, Sicily, Sweden, Southern Spain and Switzerland) at my Photo Log.

Please note that the new country pages are designed differently and may take a while to load.
Eventually, I will offer those in a proper gallery format as well, but currently I'm still scanning additional pictures.
A photo log makes it easy to add new images and also allows to easily categorise them in different ways (by country or subject matter), but basically produces one big page per category.
On the other hand, the galleries work like a slide projection: to view the pictures, you can either click on the name of the country on the left and follow the arrows. This way you you will see one picture after the other.

The alternative is to click on one of the images above. This will bring you to a page of thumbnails, where you can directly choose the picture that interests you most.


PS: If you have beautiful pictures of your own, why not submit them to the Guest gallery?

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