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Pictures from Egypt

Temple of Luxor, at night. Inside Luxor temple, at night. Souvenir shop, Karnak The Pharaoh in battle. Inside a small grave.
The grave of Sennodjem, (an artisan) in Deir al Medina. This was the typical haircut for male children. Ready for a cruise? River boats go up to Aswan every day. Near Deir el Bahari (Hatshepsut's temple)
Banks of the Nile.
Banks of the Nile Banks of the Nile Banks of the Nile donkey. 000049.jpg



The pictures on this page were taken in 1992, when I undertook a memorable cruise on the river Nile.
From the ship, I could see a village life on the shores that did not seem to have changed too much since the days of the pharaohs,
Of course, seeing the temple of Luxor at night also was quite an experience!
I have posted more pictures from my 1992 trip to Egypt on my weblog as well as some photos taken in 2004 when I visited Aswan, Luxor and Abu Simbel.

more to come soon...