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  Morning mist on Lago Titicaca, Peru, Photo: Laurenz Bobke A long time ago, I founded my first Travel Photography Forum, a Yahoo Club. This group currently has more than 3000 members but has become a bit too quiet for my taste.
It's still a very good place to ask for practical advice, but ever since Yahoo changed from the "Clubs" to the "Groups" format, the number of contributions has dramatically decreased.
Of course, the group archives are a treasure trove of good advice!
Also, a few new active members might bring the old spirit back to life, - maybe you'd like to participate?

Recently, I looked at Flickr, which maybe is the web's biggest image pool.
Within a month of creating a Travel Photography group there, more than 500 members had joined and thousands of photos posted to the group pool.
This certainly is a very active place, although it does not have the advanced e-mail facilities of a Yahoo group. Like at the old forum, you can ask for travel and photo advice, post your photos for discussion or tell us about your latest trip abroad.

I'm also trying out another format, a fully-fledged phpBB Travel Discussion Group, that has advanced ways of editing your posts and is much more structured than the other pools. Currently, you can't upload photos to that forum, but you can insert photos stored somewhere else (e.g. on Flickr).

So, if you are interested in travel and photography, I'd be happy to see you at one of the above groups!
It's a good way of meeting other photographers and exchanging tips and information.

Have fun!






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