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From: Laurenz (
Date: Thu May 14 17:58:14 1998



I would be really happy to receive some feedback on my pictures and/or the pages I've created so far - I hate dull slide shows myself and if this is one, you shouldn't hesitate to tell me so!
Of course, I also like positive remarks and suggestions for the future development of this site!


From: Philippe Noth (
Date: Thu Jun 4 15:59:14 1998

Chile pictures


I liked your pictures very much. I found them while searching some info about Chile and they gave me a glimpse of what I might see in the northern deserts.

One single regret: pity that there is no explanation about where or what it is. Hope to see a caption very soon.

From: Mike Shipman (
Date: Sat Jul 18 17:34:19 1998

Your Site

Excellent photos! I am also an Aikido enthusiast and enjoyed those phots as well. Would like to see captions (who, where, what) as well on photos, but design is good.

Blue Planet Photography
Special Feature: Northern Goshawk - From the Egg to the Air

From: Bengt Jönsson (
Date: Fri Sep 11 19:06:39 1998

Schöne Bilder!

From: tony Brown (funkyb@GLOBALNET.CO.UK)
Date: Fri Sep 11 19:15:26 1998

Our Chess game

My Name is Tony Brown and we played a game of chess that started in september

I'm trying to get my games up to date. Are you able to tell me what your
rating was when the game started. If not what is your rating now.

Also do you have a scanned photgraph of yourself as I also would like to
have a "Rougues Gallery" of all the people that I have played

Hope you can help


T on Y

From: Carol...aka...granny (
Date: Sat Sep 12 08:24:30 1998

I've enjoyed your page, and all the pics...Japan was great, brought back many memories!! Chili...I wanna go, after seeing your pics!! Love your format with the forward buttons. Just wish there was a bit more explanation with each pic. Drop by my site, and take a peek. Just love to travel, as the world is sure available to all that want to take advantage of this grand planet of ours. HUGS

From: Bill Linn (
Date: Sun Sep 13 00:42:02 1998


Great photos! I could load about 3 photos per minute, unusually fast for me. You should take a journalist along to tell the story behind the photo.

From: stu (
Date: Fri Oct 2 20:43:35 1998

Aussie photos

Makes me kinda ashamed to admit I had not been to a lot of the places you hav photographed, any way, try my wesites and see what you think.

From: Bettina (
Date: Sat Nov 14 05:36:45 1998



echt tolle Bilder auf Deiner HP!

Grüße aus Düsseldorf,


From: Martin Schaefer (
Date: Tue Nov 17 13:49:49 1998

Schöne Site. Reisen macht einfach Spaß. Weiter so. Vielleicht mal die Bilder nicht mit Flachbettscanner scannen, sondern Diascanner!? Nur so als Tip.
cu :-)

From: Thorus Adama (
Date: Wed Nov 18 03:12:50 1998

Avatars 98 mit Kunstausstellung

ich habe heute Ihre Seite entdeckt und würde Sie gerne auf den ersten
internationalen Cyberspace Kongress aufmerksam machen, der direkt im
Cyberspace selbst stattfindet, und dem auch eine Kunstausstellung
angegliedert ist. Mehr dazu finden Sie auf diesen Seiten :
Vielleicht haben Sie ja Lust, dort Ihre Werke zu zeigen. Das ganze
findet am 21. November statt.
Mehr über virtuelle Welten und insbesondere AW finden Sie unter

Mit vielen Grüssen,

und weiterhin viel Spass ;D

Thorus Adama


From: Hera S. Bell (
Date: Fri Nov 20 17:12:15 1998

Congradulations on your web site!

I got to you pages because your banner was exposed at my web site. Thank you sharing these beautiful images with us. If you find the time I invite you to my web site as well:

best regards,


From: Allan Gerard (
Date: Sat Nov 21 15:27:41 1998


Very impressed with the quality of your india pics. Especially interesting was your Varanassi which I missed being in india only 1.5 weeks.

Take a look at mine:


From: Keshava (
Date: Sun Nov 22 13:10:08 1998

Photos of India

Dear Laurenz,

Nice shots. I am from India, and find the photos quite representative of the culture of the regions you have been to. I am now in the US, and therefore they also help feed my nostalgia!!

Thank you very much.

From: Steve Cales (
Date: Sun Nov 22 22:36:58 1998


Hello Laurenz,

I loved your photos, just thought I would drop you a line here to let you know I dropped by. I have never been to India, those were some really interesting pictures you took there.


From: Eric (
Date: Tue Dec 1 09:40:20 1998

It's nice to find decent travel pictures on the Web. I am trying to build an album of my photos of SW France, but I have only put up about 50 so far, although I have 120 new ones (and an overheated scanner), and I (and the photos) are not really organised yet.

From: Franz (
Date: Thu Dec 10 20:33:03 1998

Regina and Franz Waldhaeusl Photography

Nice page with wonderful pictures. Keep up the good work :)

From: Ashutosh Haldipur (
Date: Thu Dec 17 07:23:55 1998

Hi Laurenz,

Got on to your site with curiosity, and was impressed with your photographs on India.

I happen to have done a fair bit of travel down in south India, which is as beautiful and intriguiging as the northern part. Have you traveled down south?
If not, I'd recommend a visit. Do not miss out in your itinerary the state of Kerala, also known as 'God's own country!'. It's really mind blowing, both in terms of travel as well as photography.

Hope to visit your site again.


From: Heather (
Date: Sat Dec 19 06:30:41 1998

Hi Laurenz,

I really enjoyed the tour of Nepal... I guess I'm interested to see the places others have been especially if they are places I'd like to go.
I'm looking forward to seeing more of your shots as you travel.
A photo can tell a lot about a person and the sort of things they value. It also expresses their views and opinions on the world around us. Thank you for sharing your views with me.

From: silke
Date: Wed Jan 6 09:49:22 1999

Bin zwar nur ein Leie, finds aber trotzdem superschön

Da ich selber gerne Fotos mache, mich aber noch nicht so recht auskenne, durchforste ich gerade das Internet nach netten Ideen und TIPS. Da bin ich auf Deine Seite gestoßen und wollte Dir sagen, daß mir Deine Bilder sehr gut gefallen. Ich weiß nicht, wie viele Du gemacht hast, damit diese (vielen) so gut wurden,...(ich würde wahrscheinlich Unmengen an Filmen verknippsen..)aber sie sind toll. Vorallem die Außenaufnahmen mit den verschiedenen Lichteinwirkungen.Weiter so!!!

From: P.J. Herrnhof-Schranz (
Date: Wed Jan 20 17:04:43 1999

Danke für eine schöne bildliche Einführung in das Aikido.


From: Cameron (RJen264965)
Date: Mon Jan 25 21:29:34 1999

Aussie photos

Your photos brought back fond memories of my trip to Australia. My husband is from Sydney, and we went back to do a tour of the country, including Ayer's Rock. I hope you did the climb, being that the pic's from the top were fabulous. I was in Germany in '97, and actually spent the night in Wiesbaden. What a beautiful country Germany is, and many photo opprotunities! I would love to show some of my travel shots, but am just learning my way around the computer. Maybe in the future. Until then I will check back at your site for updates. Cameron.

From: Katrina (
Date: Thu Jan 28 11:45:08 1999

Great page!

I really enjoyed your pages and photos. Thanks for sharing them! I don't know how you get the captions on the photos but I really like it! If you get a chance, maybe check out my page sometime.
<a href="">Katrina's Page of African Adventures</a>
Keep up the good work!

From: N.Suzuki (
Date: Sat Jan 30 11:53:31 1999

Nice Pictures!

Thank you for your professional photographs.I enjoyed them very much.
I'ill visit 'Travel Photography Forum' later.
Thank you.
a member of 'Asia Travel'
My website: Boracay Island virtual tour

From: Anne (o)
Date: Sun Jan 31 15:35:41 1999


ich finde diese seiten einfach super,denn sie haben mir echt viel geholfen, es hat wunderschöne bilder, und auch sonst.super, danke!!!!

From: Rigoberto Hernandez (
Date: Sat Feb 6 14:12:57 1999

just a question

Hi I just want to know where are the Pokara Lakes? if they exist or where is Pokara? or What is Pokara?.
Please respond, because it´s very important for me to know about that.
Bye. (sorry for my bad english)

From: Ronald Dwyer (
Date: Wed Mar 3 19:23:57 1999

Great web site, loved the photography. One of the best photography sites that I have seen.

My site is at:

From: Bobke
Date: Sun Mar 7 17:29:40 1999

Von Bobke zu Bobke

Hi !

Ist es nicht seltsam, dass wir den selben Namen haben?????????

From: Sharleen (
Date: Sun Mar 7 23:15:00 1999

I love your website!

Hello, lbobke:
I love your website very much, and I especially love your pics
sometimes I want to e-mail my pic to you , but I think my pic is not good enough.
please visit my webiste to see my pics in Nepal. Hope you'll enjoy it .:)

Best regards,

From: Eve Paludan (
Date: Fri Mar 19 19:13:02 1999

I like your photos

Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos on the internet. I really liked the ones of Australia. Good luck with your photography business.

From: Iris Hogreve (
Date: Sat Mar 20 12:57:25 1999

Hallo Laurenz, viele sehr schöne Bilder; ich selber reise gern und halte dort meine Eindrücke fotografisch fest. Leider ist Dein Webdesign recht unübersichtlich, was das Navigieren erschwert. Gruß, Iris

From: Didi Hackl (
Date: Mon Mar 29 06:45:48 1999


Hallo ! Tolle Bilder aus Chile ! Am meisten hat mich fasziniert, daß Du Chinchillas gesehen hast. War das ein Zufall, oder laufen die da vermehrt umeinander ? Ich hab nämlcih selber zwei von denen daheim.

From: Gislind (
Date: Mon Apr 5 11:26:41 1999


thank you very much for the gorgious photos

From: Jochen Lengerke (
Date: Sat Apr 10 10:27:32 1999

Sri Lanka

schöne Page: habe ähnliches erstellt, vielleicht interessiert es Sie:

From: Kirsten (
Date: Mon Apr 12 14:39:34 1999


Can I link to your page from mine when it is finished? It is also a photo album-based site as I travel for a living. Just send me a note (an remind me of the URL). Thanks.

From: F. Campero (
Date: Thu Apr 22 06:32:30 1999

Super! weiter so....
Wir haben Bilder aus Bolivien

From: Laura (
Date: Wed Apr 28 17:28:38 1999

India photographs

Your site was the best one I found on the web looking for photos of India, to get some ideas for a landscaping client from India.(would have liked - more pictures of: plants/gardens)

From: Wolfgang Wilhelm Renftle
Date: Thu May 6 05:49:38 1999

Servus Laurenz,
Very nice pictures indeed.Everything else going well? Have heard people migration from Biberach will not happen. Did you get my last mail "untreue deinerseits?" Will be in Hong Kong soon may send postcard.

From: Birgit (
Date: Sun May 16 21:30:49 1999

Bilder von Argentinien

Grüsse aus Kanada!
Wirklich toll. Deine Bilder gefallen mir sehr. Ich werde im Juli in Argentinien sein, und hoffe einige von diesen Stellen zu besuchen...auch wenn is dort dann gerade Winter ist. Na ja, schön stelle ich es mir trotzdem vor.
Alles Gute.

From: Amy (
Date: Sat May 22 14:04:43 1999

Your home page

Nice layout! It is a breeze, no slow-loading graphics or images, and reasonable. It is what all home page builders should follow: simple yet fetching layout, straight to the point, and clear images. Keep it up!

From: Nina (
Date: Sun May 23 21:19:27 1999

Ganz tolle Seite, die Fotos sind einmalig!
Am besten haben mir die Bilder aus Chile und Argentinien gefallen!

From: Lewis (
Date: Wed Jun 9 01:53:32 1999

Great photos

Hi! I like your photos, it's great, i'm still new in the photography but i have lots of interest in it. Hope one day i can take the photo like that, it's a pleasure to learn from you.


From: sandra (
Date: Sat Jun 12 21:14:20 1999


Thanks for a look at your photos. Thought they were excellent.

From: Dennis Sloan (
Date: Sat Jun 19 23:05:13 1999

your web site

Hi, I found this link at the World Photo Gallery. You have built a most entertaining web site. Keep up the good work.

From: Konrad Thier (
Date: Sat Jun 26 11:20:45 1999


Gerade Ihre Bilder entdeckt, angesehen + fantastisch gefunden! Anregung - wie schon vorher im Gaestebuch: Untertitel anbringen!


From: Jens (
Date: Sun Jun 27 17:56:48 1999

your pictures

das sind wirklich super tolle Fotos, welche Du da zeigst! Super Page und gut aufgebaut.

<a href='' target='main'><img SRC=''></a>

From: Frank Weber (
Date: Sun Jul 4 08:17:12 1999

Die Page ist sehr gelungen und Reisefotos finde ich super Wünsche euch alles alles Gute. Möchte bei euch auch eine Fotobericht veröffentlichen bis dann Frank Weber

From: Rob
Date: Tue Jul 6 23:51:19 1999

your site

Although I am not normally into photography, I found you site very interesting, and well organized. I found your post in a yahoo club for a club to exchange home-pages. Great idea. Keep up the good work...loved the aussie pics!
visit my site if you can

From: Laary (
Date: Tue Jul 13 11:36:43 1999

Great Site, Great Photos

I really enjoyed viewing your site. I also liked the part with the visitors photos.

I have submitted a few. If you or anyone wishes to see more photos from Southeast Asia come to...

take care!


From: Paul Stuart (
Date: Wed Jul 28 10:29:31 1999

Nice website

Very interesting website to look around. Especially liked the guest gallery. Obviously taken time and effort - I know that feeling with sites - do them for a living.

If you have time look at my site pictures of Egypt/Africa-


From: Paul Stuart (
Date: Wed Jul 28 10:41:40 1999

Nice website

Very interesting website to look around. Especially liked the guest gallery. Obviously taken time and effort - I know that feeling with sites - do them for a living.

If you have time look at my site pictures of Egypt/Africa-


From: Paul Stuart (
Date: Wed Jul 28 10:42:37 1999

Nice website

Very interesting website to look around. Especially liked the guest gallery. Obviously taken time and effort - I know that feeling with sites - do them for a living.

If you have time look at my site pictures of Egypt/Africa-


From: Kelly (
Date: Wed Aug 18 08:47:28 1999

GREAT site!

Hi, this is budgiebirdy from the Yahoo club. You are really good at webpage desgin! I just started to learn html and hope to be that good in 2 years or so!

From: Jon Harnly (
Date: Sun Sep 5 13:20:42 1999

pictures of nepal

Hello my wife has been to nepal how can she put some pictures on your site?


From: Dan (
Date: Mon Sep 6 15:56:19 1999

Excellent Photography

The layout of your page is very straight forward and you photography is inspiring. The Asian guest section, though, is duplicated in the African guest section.<BR><A HREF=""><CENTER><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60" BORDER="0" ALT="Click here"></CENTER></A>

From: Karen C. Stevenson (
Date: Tue Sep 14 19:38:24 1999

Your webpage!

Your photos are great! I definitely bookmarked this to come back to look through some more. I checked out the Australia section. Wonderful site!
Greeting cards for every occasion made from my nature photography, poetry and drawings! Something special for that special someone.

From: Verandai (
Date: Fri Oct 1 11:06:18 1999


Nette Reiseseite, die Du da hast!
Die Fotos gefallen mir ganz gut. Etwas Text dazu waere allerings noch besser.
Du kannst ja auch mal bei mir vorbeischauen:
(Guatemala-Reisefotos sind z.B. auf der Seite)
Ciao, Alex

From: T. zur Jacobsmühlen (
Date: Wed Oct 6 06:25:55 1999

Gratulation zur gelungenen Site

Die Bilder sind wirklich gut gelungen. Bin selber 3 Monate in Chile gewesen und habe auch einige Fotos von den gleichen Orten ( zb. Oase in Atacama Wüste ) leider alles Dias und nicht so zu scannen. Du solltest vielleicht noch einige detailierte geographische Infos dazunehmen, damit interessierte Backpacker sich das in Ihre Routen einplanen können. Alles Gute, bis dahin

From: Karin (
Date: Wed Oct 6 23:54:54 1999

Great Pictures!

Your pictures are great, and I really enjoy the presentation of them in an on-line gallery. Good job! I am going to refer a friend of mine, who is a budding professional photographre to submit some of his pictures, too!

From: Bali-Info-Team (
Date: Tue Oct 12 18:19:22 1999

Bali or Indonesia Pictures

we are searching for interesting photos for our new project: or
If you have some really good photos please don´t hesitate to contact us by email!
Sorry, we don´t pay money for photos, but we´ll install a gallery of your own, with your adress and URL.
Of course, we will link this great homepage here on our new pages at:

take care
Joey, Kim, Michael

From: Roque Oliveira (
Date: Tue Oct 19 15:12:41 1999

Visiter your page

From: Roque Oliveira
Date: 18 ocober 1998


I´m really happy to have same pictures from your page
Desculpe continuar a escrever na minha lingua
mas, como deve saber, a amioria da população mundial fala uma lingua derivada do latim
Por esse motivo as minhas desculpas
Estou a frequentar uma acção sobre internet e não podia deixar de agradecer as belas fotos que nos proporcionou.

Com os melhores cumprimentos Roque

From: A. Bäumlein (
Date: Mon Oct 25 09:11:55 1999

High Quality Fotoprints von digitalen Bildern


die Bilder auf dieser Bilder sind zum eigentlich allle sehr gelungen und haben Atmosphäre.
Bei <A HREF>D2P</A> kann man übrigens ganz einfach übers Internet 1a Fotoabzüge von digitalen Bildern machen lassen. Vorbeischauen lohnt sich.


From: Julianna Hollander (
Date: Wed Nov 3 19:46:16 1999

Chile Pictures

I just wanted to say I love your photos of Chile. They are beautiful! I went there for vacation last March so looking at your pictures makes me nostalgic. I didn't get to see as much of the country as I wanted. Seems like you got to see quite a bit. Thanks for the photos. I hope to back someday and take more pictures of my own.

Date: Mon Dec 6 05:42:29 1999



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