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From: clare (
Date: Tue Sep 11 14:54:00 2001

'A small pool near Alice Springs'

The 'small pool near Alice Springs' is the original 'Alice' Spring, and was named after Alice Todd, the wife of Charles Todd who was responsible for putting the telegraph line in from Adelaide to Darwin. The spring was named after Alice Todd by workmen although she never visited the place herself. Therefore, this is where Alice Springs was named, although the town itself moved 'down the road' a bit. A telegraph station was and is situated right next to the 'Alice spring', a readily available water supply.

From: Luis Vzquez de Parga Gaeta (
Date: Fri Sep 14 18:34:05 2001

Only one problem

Hello! (from Spain)
I've saw the gallery and it isn't only a perfect example of organization and good sense of order, it's an uncredible image of our world. But have a little problem... the photos are fantastic, but there're SO SMALL... why don't try a 1024x746 definition???, or, at least, 800x600.

Anyway, congratulations.

From: Luis Jesus Alvarez (
Date: Sat Sep 15 12:01:25 2001

great photos

I was looking for an old good friend , her name is Elvira Glembeck and then appear your page with photos of Santiago , I have been this summer back to my born place, your photos of my city are very nice.

From: Marita (
Date: Sat Oct 13 07:12:26 2001

Hi !Deine Fotos sind toll ,leider keine Infos dabei wo sie gemacht wurden!!!!!

Date: Sat Oct 20 11:25:17 2001

Indiam snaps

I was really impresses by the Indian photos. I am an Indian currently working in USA. It brought a bag full of memories. I see most of the snaps are from Agra, Varanasi, Delhi, Gaya(I am frm Gaya!) most of them northern cities. I would suggest you can take a journey in the Eastern part too. Darjeeling, Sheilong etc or go to the South(Kerela etc.), West(Bombay, Goa, Poona etc.) India is indeed blesses with lot of excellent photogenic spots.

You are doing a great job! Keep it up man..


From: Hun Choo (
Date: Fri Nov 2 17:18:18 2001

Great site.... pictures are sharp, colors are vivid... truly exceptional

Your pictures are quite amazing. Are you using mainly medium format? I must say the format really gives the picture a lot more zest than a mere 35mm. If the pictures on the web are great, your actual photographs must truly be amazing. What scanner do you use?

From: Alex
Date: Sat Nov 3 17:52:03 2001

Aussie Pixs!!!!

Thanxs a bunch for having such good pictures on Australia. I was doing a report on it and needed some good ones to give a good picture of what it looked like in Aussie to my proffeser.

Alexandra Treaser!*

From: Gustavo Loaiza (
Date: Wed Nov 7 13:51:34 2001


Te sugiero que le des a las fotografias el tamao ideal para que abarquen toda la pantalla. 600 x 800 pixeles.
Gustavo Loaiza

From: Sue Wright (
Date: Sat Nov 10 17:21:30 2001

You rChina Photos

Hi Laurenz
I love you China photos and look forward to seeing the rest. I was in China for a month in the Spring of 2000, the weather was not the best and having seen you photos I know when I return, it must be in the Fall.
Regards from Toronto. Sue

From: Martina (
Date: Fri Nov 16 16:35:22 2001


Hallo Laurenz, herzliche Gre aus Germersheim! Elvira schrieb mir, dass ich hier die neusten Fotos aus China sehen kann. Ich bin sehr beeindruckt, wirklich toll. Wie schn, dass ihr all das sehen konntet und dass nun die Besucher deiner Homepage daran teilhaben knnen!
Viele Gre
Martina und Silvio (wir haben zusammen geguckt)

From: Helen (
Date: Sat Nov 17 06:05:43 2001

You Capture the World in Images that are Amazing

Just wanted to let you know that your sight is certainly an inspiration. I have always had a passion for travelling and seeing the world. Experiencing new places, meeting new people. I only really started travelling last year, I am from Australia but currently in Japan on a working holiday. I love it here and since I have been here I have brought a professional camera and taken up photography, so I really appreciated your pics. I unfortunately cannot post any as I have no access to a scanner. But just wanted to let you know your sight and photos are great, I really enjoyed them. Keep up the GREAT work!!!

From: Fabiano Lucas (
Date: Wed Jan 3 15:05:08 2001

Pictures from Brazil

Hello, I liked your page a lot but I was sad in knowing that doesn't have anything on Brazil, if you want me I can send some pictures or texts...

From: angela kunz (
Date: Thu Jan 4 18:22:47 2001

traumhafte fotos

hallchen aus ostfriesland,
heute am 4.januar2001 bin ich ber die provence auf ihre schne seite gelangt. leider habe ich noch nicht alle fotos betrachtet, aber die die ich bereits gesehen habe sind wunderschn.
weiter so und ein fotoreiches 2001.

gru, angela

From: fritz huber (
Date: Sat Jan 6 11:30:40 2001

i'd like the pics

Hi there,congratulation a realy great fabulous Page !!!!
Yours is a very nice Site! By surfing inside your page you constantly feel the Site is done from people they afford a lot of love on the creation of this Web page
Great Page,Design,Pics . Haven't visited for a while and thought I should check it out.... Keep up the good work. My page is about traveling.
My last trip was australia at april 2000 for one month.
I would be glad for an entry into my guestbook.
Greetings from Upperaustria.

From: Tanya (
Date: Sun Jan 7 03:57:39 2001


Hi - I received your invitation recently. I read your profile and noticed that you are interested in learning Japanese. I lived in Japan for three years and speak Japanese. I am an American female from Florida. I will come back and look further at the photos - I have many beautiful photos of Osaka, Kyoto, Yokohama, Tokyo etc. I would be happy to help you with your Japanese but, of course it would be difficult to teach you the accent by typing.....I went to a University in Tokyo while I was living there.

From: jennie (
Date: Wed Jan 10 05:02:51 2001

Egypt photos

Hi, I could not help but be moved by the photos. I was in some of the same areas earlier this year, what a fantastic place Egypt is! I have several photos posted on a yahoo club. Thanks!

From: SugarHovis (
Date: Sat Jan 13 17:07:17 2001

Nive pics. The site loaded very fast and that was great too.

From: Anna (
Date: Mon Jan 15 13:28:15 2001


Danke fr die wundervollen Impressionen eines einmaligen Landes, es hat mir sehr geholfen, meine Reiseplne zu konkretisieren.

Ich hoffe, die Reiselust und der Photographiereifer vergeht nicht so schnell.

Weiter so, viele Gre Anna

From: wilmar (
Date: Sun Jan 21 16:17:43 2001


what do you like best, travel or photography. Or is it that you can't really choose between those 2 thinks. For me it is the combination between. first I liked photography (lets say 10 years ago) and I always was very depressed when I came back from a holiday. Today I found (since some years) the perfect combination. Is this the same with you? please look at my site 2 :
enjoy photography & take care,
ciau , wilmar

Date: Mon Jan 22 05:27:05 2001

From: Arno (
Date: Tue Jan 23 14:24:04 2001


This is a very nice gallery with photos Europe. I enjoyed nearly all of them. Probably it's better to present some less photo's from the enviroment of Nidda - even Germany is my motherland.
I would like to invite You on my HP:
Perhaps You want to place Your Banner on my new linklist?!
I'll come back, soon.

From: Bookie (Bookie@hitoori,com)
Date: Mon Jan 29 11:27:26 2001

Photos Of Glasgow

I love the site but I thought I'd point out that the picture of a Glasgow street is in fact of Edinburgh!


Glasgow, Scotland

From: Bookie (Bookie@hitoori,com)
Date: Mon Jan 29 11:27:46 2001

Photos Of Glasgow

I love the site but I thought I'd point out that the picture of a Glasgow street is in fact of Edinburgh!


Glasgow, Scotland

From: Jeff (
Date: Fri Feb 9 12:48:33 2001

Site Visit

Hi, You have some great photos here!!

I'd like to invite you to the Beyond the Lens Photography Ring. For information visit

I hope to see you there!

From: Joel Lazeski (
Date: Tue Feb 13 01:28:42 2001

Really enjoyed your site

hi, my name is Joel Lazeski. I just wanna tell u that i really enjoyed your site. Im only 17 but by the time im twenty i hope to have lived in australia and worked in australia. Im gonna grad this summer and hope to get a work visa and be down there before nineteen. Thanx for the pics

From: Gudrun (
Date: Sat Feb 17 09:06:23 2001


Ein ganz groes Lob fr diese wunderschne Seite. Ich komm wieder, keine Frage.

From: Peter (
Date: Sun Feb 18 13:37:58 2001

Great website

Just been looking at your website, you have done a great job in organising the site. The photos are excellent too I will be back to have a good look round...Bye for now. Pete

From: Laura (
Date: Tue Feb 20 20:15:14 2001


You have some really nice pictures, I must say that you are missing some really nice places in Argentina but not to worry I am going there soon for vacation I will definitely put some on here for you to see!!

From: Broderick (
Date: Tue Feb 20 21:33:01 2001

Where did my address come from ?

Dear Ibobke, I received an invite from you to view some websites. I don't have a problem with this and I quite like the sites as I'm an interested photographer myself...could you please tell me how you obtained my address though. Thanks.

From: dreamwolf
Date: Fri Mar 2 03:07:58 2001

great site

I really enjoyed visiting your site!


From: Janel
Date: Wed Mar 7 16:17:48 2001

Great site

From: Chris from Munich (
Date: Sat Mar 10 16:28:22 2001


Wirklich groartige Bilder.
Ich knnte sie stunden lang betrachten.
Ich hoffe das es bald mehr werden.

From: Francois (
Date: Sun Mar 11 20:11:25 2001

Liked the site

I liked the site, especially liked the guest
gallery and seeing some places I have been
to and photographed, also liked the Aikido link
as I pratice Aikido myself. Is that you on the

Francois in UK

From: Annie (
Date: Mon Mar 12 17:19:16 2001

Thank You!

Dear Laurenz,
This website hsa been a big help in many school projects that I'v had to do where I've needed pictures. All of the pictures are so beautiful!
Thank You~ Annie

From: Annie from the US (
Date: Mon Mar 12 17:23:34 2001

Thank You!

Dear Laurenz,
This website has been a big help in many school projects that I'v had to do where I've needed pictures. All of the pictures are so beautiful!
Thank You~ Annie

From: Alicia - Ecuador (
Date: Fri Mar 16 22:29:43 2001

Australia- Great Site


Thank you very much for the wonderful photos.

Mil gracias por tan maravillosas fotos, nos ayudan a conocer un poquito la grandiosidad y diversidad de nuestro maravilloso universo.


From: aRtMVBS (
Date: Sat Mar 17 19:21:34 2001

Well Done!

From: andres (
Date: Mon Mar 19 08:15:08 2001

Impresionante galera.

From: horace dabney ( )
Date: Tue Mar 20 21:19:00 2001

pictures in guestbook

Hello: I am currently taking a class in web page design and my web page is on touring South Africa. You have some fantastic pictures of the South African countryside and also of South African people. Can I use some of your pictures for a nonprofit web page?

From: meg
Date: Tue Mar 27 09:52:07 2001


ʐ^­ @Ă܂B
鏊̗ǂ́@ ܂킩ȂłAĎʐ^ŔqƉ߂ėǂɏZł񂾂ȂƎ܂B

From: juan (
Date: Thu Apr 5 04:30:21 2001


muy buenas fotos, especialmente las de Varanasi, consigues captar su magia. Enhorabuena.

From: Arno (
Date: Thu Apr 12 02:09:18 2001

Greate HP

just visited Your page. I am a hobbyfotographer and I enjoeved Your photos ver much.
Probably You come to visit my page:
I'll return soon.
All the best for You and Your work

From: Dennis Pelliccia (
Date: Thu Apr 12 17:15:37 2001

Thank you for inviting me.

Dear Laurenz,

I'll be back to view your photography but first I must check out your Yahoo Club.

From: Haeyeon (
Date: Mon Apr 16 03:33:53 2001

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to see good photos

Hallo Laurenz,

Came across your personal homepage while I was reading the writings posted on the message board of International Understanding club. Nice photos, many of which reminded me of those beautiful days I had had in Europe, India and Japan...

Photography is a great way of epitominsining the perspective of the life and the world, I reckon. A wonderful way to look deep into, approach, portraying a facet of them, as well...

From: Dasha (
Date: Mon Apr 16 07:05:00 2001


Dear Laurenz!

Thank you so much for the pics! I loved them! I can say that I am addicted to photography, too, but alas just as an amateur. And of course I haven't seen a lot in my 21-year life, so seeing your pictures was enriching. Photos are my passion, and I hope I can get a good camera some day, and share my love for beauty with others!


From: Dasha (
Date: Mon Apr 16 07:19:19 2001


Hallo again,
I just wanted to ask if you have never been to Russia? (since you have no pictures of Moscow etc, or it just seemed to me?)
Perhaps you would find something of interest if you go to our lands, who knows?


From: Sensai (
Date: Sat Apr 21 03:47:29 2001


I came accross this site while looking for travel information. You have some nice photos. Good luck with you site. kind regards, Sensai

Date: Mon Apr 23 15:32:26 2001



From: Phil (
Date: Tue Apr 24 19:14:54 2001

Wonderful homepage!

really very well designed. You are a well travelled guy! I hope one day I can do just hte same.

From: Domi (
Date: Tue May 1 03:52:41 2001

I'd like to invite you and to exchange links!

Greetings to you! you are having such a great and well designed homepage and so it would be areal honour for me if you could come and add yourself to my own topolist! Well, there I also started a part with the "best links" to other homepages. So would you be interested in exchanging links together with me? If so just let me know with e-mail and so I can update my homepage with a link to your homepage! Greetings to you in any case and I would be real happy if you could come and add yourself... (The Link-Exchange part I would put your link to but it also would be great if you could add yourself to the toplist!!!)

From: Sylvie Tecson (
Date: Mon May 7 05:22:43 2001


Dear Laurenz:

THis resembles a travelogue which is entertaining to the travel buff. However, to be informative, you should do the captions and dates as per popular demand from your online guests.

Photos taken by you et al were lovely. I should hope to take a view at some of these places when I visit Germany in fall of this year - learn some fancy German phrases!

From: Florencia. (
Date: Mon May 7 18:23:09 2001

Pictures from Argentina.


From: Jenny Gibson (
Date: Thu May 10 03:13:02 2001

Photography competition

For your information, I'd like to let you know that Director Club is running a photography competition. Entry is free. To check out the details, go to and click on the Competitions page. Registration with Director Club is free and you can display your details in our Club Directory.

If you have any further questions, feel free to call me on 07 3292 0229.

Jenny Gibson

From: Sieghard Gera (
Date: Fri May 11 09:58:51 2001


Lieber Herr Bobke,
schne Seite mit interessanten Photos.
Bis bald.

From: Viv (
Date: Thu May 24 20:37:19 2001

SA pictures

Hey Laurenz
Nice pictures, brings back memories of home. I am from Stellenbosch and now live in the USA for a while. One small mistake: The picture you called Mossel Bay, is actually of Hout Bay, between Cape Point and Cape Town.

From: DeviceZer0 (devo)
Date: Sat May 26 17:50:45 2001

Well done site. Very nice pictures.

From: lena (
Date: Tue May 29 03:58:48 2001


hello im lena i love you i want to be together with you

From: Mariano (
Date: Wed May 30 12:13:24 2001

Thanks a lot for your great pictures!

I am from Argentina, and I traveled a lot around my country and the south of Chile.
Your pictures are great... thanks to have them in this website.
If you come back to Argentina or Chile let me know, I am sure that you know most of the nicest places, but I can give you some new more.
Thanks again, and kind regards,


From: Relisa (
Date: Thu Jun 7 22:50:56 2001



From: Aloys Robert (
Date: Mon Jun 11 05:56:39 2001

Super Page!!

Eine wirklich sehr gelungene Seite mit eindrucksvollen Bilder. Australien war ich auch schon: das beeindruckenste Land, das ich je besucht habe (ein absolutes Muss fr jeden Liebhaber von atemberaubender Natur und wirklich freundlichen und aufgeschlossenen Menschen!!!)
Wer Lust und Interesse hat kann meine Page:

besuchen. Ich zeige dort eine Auswahl meiner Schwarweissbilder zu den Themen: Landschaften & Portrait!!

Viel Spass Euch allen!


From: Eddie Gerald (
Date: Tue Jun 19 04:39:12 2001

Travel Photographer

It is allways nice to find sites related to travel
photpography and good ones too.
Keep up the good work and you are welcome
to visit my site as well http://
It contains selected photo assignments from
several places around the globe.
Great day and regards from hectic Middle

From: Cristina (
Date: Fri Jun 22 21:54:54 2001

tu autorizacin

Hola Laurenz, quera pedir tu autorizacin para utilizar alguna de tus fotos para ilustrar un poema de Neruda, en un archivo pps.
Puedo envirtelo antes de lanzarlo a la red.

From: Olli (
Date: Thu Jun 28 12:22:00 2001

Reisen Bildet - und macht irre Spass!Habe Deine Site per Zufall entdeckt.Ist echt gut gemacht!
Wenn Du Lust hast:Http://
Meine Frau und ich sind auch schon zoemlich
Viele Gre aus Undenheim

From: Mita (
Date: Sun Jul 1 12:14:34 2001

Great pictures!

Some of your pictures are very good. I have recently visited Northern and Central Australia and being interested in travel photography was browsing related sites when I stumbled accross yours. I particularly liked the picture of Katherine river.

From: Messerschmidt (
Date: Mon Jul 2 14:58:17 2001

im September 2001 sind wir in Australien unterwegs: Sydney,Broken Hill, Adelaide, Perth,Darwin. Auf der Suche nach Infos zufllig auf Deine Seite gestossen. toll gemacht! Weiter so.

From: Dana (
Date: Sat Jul 7 08:06:52 2001


I love your site and how it's put together!

From: Daniel (
Date: Fri Jul 13 08:43:27 2001

Coole Seite mit vielen schnen Fotos

From: Nancy (
Date: Sun Jul 22 06:08:29 2001

I enjoyed browsing through your photo album. You have a nice sense of drama & balance in the compostitions.

From: Marisa (
Date: Sun Aug 5 11:15:57 2001

Your photos

You have excellent photos and a very nice website. I especially like the ones of Spain.
Drop by my website and I hope you share!!

From: Hummingbird (
Date: Mon Aug 20 17:17:41 2001

What a wonderful experience to visit your site.

I enjoyed your site so very much. I very much to increase my travels in the years to come. I drool over all the places you have been fortunate to visit and capture on film. I loved each and every place for itself. You have a good thing going, keep it up. I am an amateur photographer, and a good friend has generously given me space on her site to post my photography. It is a very well laid out site, easy to navigate, as I found yours to be as well. Please feel free to visit, anyone. We don't have a guest book yet. I do not have the photos identified yet, but it is in the works to happen soon. Most are from either around Tucson, Arizona, or some other location in Arizona. Some are from a plane over Oregon. I add to my collection regularly, at least once a month. I try to be ruthless about culling. But some shots are just nice. As most know we get wonderful summer surises and sunsets. This summer has been no exception,

From: Mike (
Date: Mon Sep 3 07:05:32 2001

i like your photos but

I like your photos, but I was very annoyed at your photo 'Sleeping in the park' from Edinburgh, Scotland- If I was the one sleeping on the park bench, I would certainly not appreciate a tourist using my situation for his own 'art' or whatever. If your work was generally of a more informative nature throughout, this picture would not be a problem, but it seems to me to be among landscape and holiday pictures, which I think it somewhat out of taste. However, I like your pics of Gascogne, France.
thanks for your time.
Michael Hodgson, UK.

From: wai79 (
Date: Wed Sep 5 23:07:37 2001

Just visit your web.

Hello! Great photo. My style is very similar to you. But usually you can find a new angle for the object. Very Good. If you hvae time, Please visit my web too. Thanks.

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