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From: Eric Walter Seeger (
Date: Sat Jan 8 00:42:00 2000

Have Camera Will Travel

Hallo Laurenz, Ich bin aus Frankfurt/Main und lebe seit 3 jaren in Waco Tx.
Ich finde Deine seite sehr gut, viel Info und gute Bilder. Das " Travel Photo Forum" ist auch eine gute Idee. If you like here my web-page:
Mach weiter so. Eric

From: Samantha
Date: Sat Jan 8 20:25:15 2000


Thank you so much for posting pictures of chile. I needed them for a big project at school, and they were very helpful. I do have one suggestion though: It would have made my search a lot easier if I knew exactly what each picture was. Maybe some captions would help.

Thanks again,

From: glen gaffney (
Date: Tue Jan 11 22:39:14 2000

I really enjoyed travelling the various parts of the world with your images Thanks for sharing. I invite you to my 266 image site

From: Dominique Johansson
Date: Thu Jan 20 04:26:24 2000

Australian Pictures

I just wanted to say that i liked your pictures very much.They were exactly what I needed for my school project.

Date: Thu Jan 27 23:31:38 2000



From: David Chong (
Date: Wed Feb 2 23:07:16 2000

Hi Laurenz! Saw your site from the Amateur Photography Webring that I have recently submitted to join. You have a great site, my wife and I have spent a great deal of time enjoying those sensational pictures and feel that we are having a wonderful time travelling the world with you. Your photos also brought the memories of our visit to some countries in the past. I have put some photos of those countries we have visited in my webpages. Please pay a visit when you have time and tell me what you think. Thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work and take good care. Wish you all the best!!!...Greetings from Malaysia.

From: emmy (
Date: Tue Feb 8 11:59:56 2000


Gracias por invitarme a este club, pero ya soy miembro, no he visto todas tus fotos pero me gustaria pudieras venir a CentroAmerica y ver las bellezas que Dios creo en esta parte del planeta. De todas formas cuando termine de verlas te comento....

Thanks to invite me to this club, but i am already member of it...I have no seen all your photos but i will like you have the opportunity to come to CEntral America and see the beautiful landdscapes that God make in this site of this world....Anyway as soon as i finish to see your photos i will make a comment....

Sorry for my bad english but is not my language, regards fm the beauty and Hot Panamaaaaaaa!!


From: Jonathan Chan (
Date: Mon Feb 28 03:53:42 2000

Good pics

The pics in here really look good and it shows how wonderful and nice this world can be. Keep up the good work :)

Date: Thu Mar 2 12:47:14 2000

, . . .

Date: Thu Mar 2 12:48:37 2000

, . .... .

From: Barbara (
Date: Fri Mar 3 10:53:31 2000


Schne Bilder, aber da haben Dir ja schon so viele gemailt.
Ich habe mich bei Deinen Indienbildern auf jeden Fall an meine eigene Indienreise zurckerinnert gefhlt. Und einige Fotos htten auch von mir seien knnen.
Also weiter so...
Viele Gre aus Mnchen von

From: Shecie (
Date: Wed Mar 8 23:37:27 2000

Dear Laurenz,

I love your photos so much. Hope I can send photos of our country to be added to your collections. It's nice to capture the world in pictures. It's like I've been there when I look at those pictures.


From: Elizabeth Giddings (
Date: Mon Mar 20 10:16:26 2000

Your Pics are Wonderful

I love them. If you ever email any out please add me to you list. Thanks!!!!

From: alyssa (
Date: Mon Mar 20 19:16:36 2000


i love your pictures! im doing a project on spain and i found all my pictures here! thanx

Date: Tue Mar 21 05:01:45 2000


Just recieved your invitatin to the travel photography forum & decided to check out your images of Agra/Varanasi.Technically Great pics;if somewhat similar to the many coffee-table books on this subject.Hope you visit my country again soon and try out a newer, fresher approach to these old monuments!
Regards, N.B.V.

From: Assuntina (
Date: Sat Apr 8 08:39:17 2000

thanks to invite me at the club
visit my site or come to take photo at my stunning country

From: Eclid (
Date: Sat Apr 8 21:11:09 2000


How can I post any of my photos for viewing? I am new at the net. Teach me.

From: Maurizio Dissegna
Date: Thu Apr 13 05:15:20 2000


Hello, I came to visit your page after receiving mail from your yahoo photo forum address.
I liked your page very much and will come back to see more photos. I was also pleased to see your interest in martial arts, since I practice karate regularly, at least 3 days per week, with some really great masters (Capitoli, Basile, Castellani, Otello, another whose surname I can't recall and various other younger masters...). I used to have a karate friends homepage, removed it but will probably set it up again...
bye for now, Maurizio (nothing at moment)

From: Silke Hartung (
Date: Thu Apr 13 14:09:16 2000

wie kommts?

ich habe eine Einladung fr einen Yahooclub von dir bekommen und kenne dich gar nicht, oder etwa doch?! Wie kommt`s? Konntest doch gar nicht wissen, das ich photographiere...
Schne Bilder brigens, wow
Alles gute, Silke!

From: Chad (
Date: Sun Apr 16 10:45:25 2000

NIce Pic's

I just stopped by your page after reading a post at Yahoo "Discovery Travel Club". I found your pages very nice & the photos loaded up fairly fast..............keep up the nice work.

From: Katie (
Date: Mon Apr 17 14:18:10 2000

this site

This site has a lot of great pictures, but not enough information. I was doing a report on India and I didn't find enough info. here (and there are errors in parts of this site also). So, if you can, please get more information about your pictures. Thank you.

From: joe (
Date: Wed Apr 19 17:39:27 2000


ugly picture !!don't you have any of Jamaca?

From: Axel (
Date: Thu Apr 20 07:16:25 2000

your site

I like your pictures very much! But some of your former guests are right, that there could be a little bit more of explanation, although the ALT-TAGS tell where the pictures had been taken. Thumbs up, Axel (

Date: Thu Apr 20 23:10:29 2000

I found your site easy to use and follow, I've been to other sites yours is the best so far.

From: Satyamangal Rege (
Date: Sat Apr 29 14:53:07 2000

site submission-link

I am into travel photography from India.
Can you add my site to your link:

From: Dana (
Date: Sun Apr 30 09:55:06 2000

Your Pics

Hi, I really appreciate your site, especially pictures from Australia, which is pretty ironic for me because even though I live in Australia I have never been to the places in your photographs. I also liked the fact that an opportunity for submission exists, it's good to see inter-exchange of site ideas.

Come visit my site sometime.

From: Philipp Horn (
Date: Mon May 1 06:29:23 2000

It is the best side for photoa from India

Hi, my name is Philipp Horn and I take this photos for my India-referat. Im German, and I think photos say more than thousand of words and I think this side is only perfect. When you can tell me where I can find other things of India please write to my E-Mail. Thanks. Ciao

From: Sara (
Date: Thu May 4 22:02:05 2000

Spain pics

I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful site for pictures of northern Spain. I will be there three weeks from now to be an exchange student for school and this is a wonderful taste of all the beauty I get to see. Thank you so much. I cant wait to get there to experience it first hand now!!!

con amor,

From: Thomas (
Date: Mon May 8 05:12:24 2000

feedback and question

I like Your pictures a lot and want to know, if I could use some for an advertising in a cinema in munich. An indian restaurant would like to produce a spot with 2 of Your indian pictures.
Is it possible and how much is it.

Thank You for Your quick answer, Thomas

From: Thomas (
Date: Mon May 8 05:28:10 2000

Hi Everybody,

if anybody else should have similarly nice slides from india, please let me know.

Thank You and king regards.

From: Jill Owens (
Date: Mon May 8 19:16:23 2000


Hello, just browsing and looking at your pictures. I can't wait to travel =more of the world. My website is under construction and I have posted my travel ventures, even though they are now just in the US. Please give me your feedback.

From: space burrito (
Date: Wed May 10 16:59:06 2000

PHOTOS that say something, always a pleasure to see.

Hi, very thoughtful pics like how you arrange the themes...
I am soon to construct a website of space technology
would like to use some of your work but with a twist
like adding images to your earthly landscapes to make
them more like from other planets-if interested e-mail me.

From: Steffen O. Riese (
Date: Wed May 10 19:57:07 2000

Photos taken in Japan

Hi Laurenz,

thanks for yout invitation to the Discovery Ttravel club! Joined right away!
Really liked your photos. I live in Japan and have my own little page but not as professional as yours. Maybe pictures of nightlife etc. but also scenery shots. Maybe wanna have a look:!

Thanks again and cheers


From: Verena Walzl
Date: Sat May 20 08:53:11 2000

super page!
its a really super page!

From: Matt Ohlmer (
Date: Tue May 23 10:21:59 2000


I am a professional photographer myself and find your site quite beautiful.

Buenos Dias :->


From: fotofreund-das neue webadressebuch fr fotografen (
Date: Wed May 24 13:08:05 2000

Guten Tag,

Wir erstellen gerade eine Fotolinkseite fr deutsche Fotoseiten und wrden uns freuen, Sie bei uns begrssen zu drfen.

Besuchen Sie einfach "" und lassen Sie ich wenn Sie mchten eintragen!

Viele Grsse, Eric

From: gerald (
Date: Sun May 28 11:24:19 2000


i was checking you pictures out ,an you did a great job,i have always wanted to go there,hoping to one day,again great job. gerald

From: Jennifer Keeney (
Date: Wed May 31 10:19:36 2000

Photo Buyer

Hi -
I'm a professional photo researcher/buyer,
and I am interested in shots fo the Salt Flats at
Atacama. If you have any, please contact me
Thank you -
Jennifer Keeney
937-264-2600 ext 348

From: katie joel (
Date: Thu Jun 15 07:18:27 2000

pictures on Japan

please email me pictures on Japan

From: Joe (
Date: Sat Jul 1 13:54:45 2000


Hello from Lebanon ,
You have a beautiful site ,and a nice club on Yahoo.
Best regards

From: Amay (
Date: Sun Jul 9 11:02:31 2000

I like your site......And I am glad I have space for me to sign in...Good luck to you!

From: Manuela (
Date: Mon Jul 24 11:58:19 2000

Super Site! Klasse Fotos!

<a href="">
<img src="" border="0"></a>

From: Yves (
Date: Sun Jul 30 10:35:07 2000

Greetings from Luxembourg

Hi Laurenz, as I don't know if you speak german, I write in english. You did a damned good job on your webpage ! Congratulations ! If you want some pictures of Luxembourg, ask me, and I will end you the best ones.
Greetings, Yves

From: Alan Parkes (
Date: Tue Aug 1 14:36:49 2000

your pics

There are too many good pictures to single any out for praise, I enjoye your pics very much.

<a href="">

From: Louis (
Date: Thu Aug 3 16:12:45 2000


Fairly good photos. I have never seen Japan so it
was nice to see what the country side looked like.
keep photographing
visit me at-

From: Darcie (
Date: Thu Aug 3 20:06:06 2000


Thoroughly enjoyed your photos. Did you take these all yourself? Maybe I am just easily impressed, but I think you have great talent. I loved them!! Many of the places you photographed are places I have yet to go and am interested in. Japan India, etc.

From: Bruce Johnson (
Date: Sun Aug 6 00:41:48 2000

your travel website

At my website ( I have recently been struggling to revamp my navigation, and am working toward a system like yours with something I call my "thumbnails page." I like how yours works, and you might like how mine works, so take a look if you'd like (the thumbnails gallery page is found within my site at

Good work, I like how your site is organized and how it flows without getting one too lost.

From: Michael Wheeler (
Date: Mon Aug 7 05:25:50 2000

Wonderful Website

You have some extraordinary photographs on your website. I especially liked the ones from Europe and Africa. You have one of the best website designs for displaying photographs that I have ever seen. Keep up the good work. I will be back for another visit soon.

Michael Wheeler

From: Mary Govig (
Date: Mon Aug 7 14:40:47 2000

Wonderful website

You have a marvelous website. It isinteresting & relaxing to view all the photos. Keep up the supurb work.

From: Jim Crotty (
Date: Sun Aug 13 17:55:21 2000

Great Pictures!

Terrific site - I especially enjoyed the sunsets in Scotland. - Jim Crotty

From: Collin Clack (
Date: Wed Aug 16 03:25:04 2000

South Africa


I just loved your pictures of South Africa. Beeing a South African living away from home it brought back fond memories of the beauty of my country.

I also enjoy travelling and found your website informative in a pictorial manner. Also please keep up the good work in both your clubs, they are wonderful resources to me in the pursuit of my passions of photography and travel.

From: yidam (
Date: Mon Aug 21 09:55:58 2000

your site

It is one of the best site i have ever seen.

From: Peter Soderstrom (
Date: Thu Aug 24 07:26:56 2000

Nice site you have

Interesting, Nice site,

From: hemchandra (
Date: Fri Sep 1 13:58:56 2000


well i am very happy with the pics u have on india..
well u did not cover a lot of india i gues...u would have found more,places like kerala..or the south india.anyway gr=eat work...u get good picture let me be informed

From: minalover (
Date: Sat Sep 9 22:37:05 2000

Great pics!

Hi! Your pictures are really great! I'm using them
for a report on Chile, and your pictures will make
it way better than it ever would have been without
them! Thanx!!

From: lauraye (
Date: Sat Sep 16 11:22:56 2000


Loved your Photos but as everyone else please add more information to the pictures maybe some thoughts as you what you where think as you where taking the pictures-- as with my self this will probably be the only travel i will ever get to do. make's me want to find a airline and see the sites. have never left the USA so these are great help and entertainment for me thank you for the site

From: Kim Tae hee
Date: Wed Sep 20 08:28:02 2000

Good Site

I'm Korean
This Homepage is good.
Good bye

From: Juergen (
Date: Fri Sep 22 03:49:26 2000

Chile Pictures

Hi, checking the internet for pictures of Chile I came across your very interesting homepage, well made with good pictures. I am looking to buy photos of Chile and would be pleased if anyone with nice photos of Chile(all regions) would contact me.

From: rafael (
Date: Mon Oct 2 15:20:29 2000

muy bien !!!!!

me da mucho gusto, la pagina esta muy bien....
un espacio mas para fotografos, .
muy buenas fotos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! felecidades

From: nuansa (
Date: Sat Oct 7 12:27:18 2000

India- ganges

Well you were right, there are some eccentric crowds in India's Ganges. Your photographs are amazing! The way the sun makes everything so golden in your pictures really send across a sense of sacredness to the place.

Like everyone else, I would've liked to read a caption about each picture. I find that the experience taking the photographs can make the photographs even more beautiful.

I'll make sure to finish looking through your site in the future.

From: Justin (
Date: Fri Oct 13 07:23:29 2000


Liked the pics of India, some that I should have taken myself when I was there really esp. Varanasi ghats
is a link to my pictures, not up to the quality of yours Im afraid!

From: Susan Jermyn (
Date: Wed Oct 18 06:17:37 2000

Dundee Evening View Tay Bridge

I came across the site when looking for pictures of Dundee. I saw the one of the Tay Bridge in the evening and really liked it. I would like to use a small version of this for my notepaper. Would you email me a version with your site address as a caption?

Best Regards


From: Jurio (
Date: Wed Oct 25 20:35:00 2000

I love you pictures!

What a beautiful pictures!

Actually, I didn't look all pictures yet, but I'd like to visit often.
My favorite which from I saw today is Taj Mahal which reflects against the water. It was very nice!

From: Dennis (
Date: Wed Nov 1 22:07:47 2000

Travel Photography

As someone who loves to travel and photograph those experiences, your site is like a breath of fresh air! Most of my favorite work was in the southwestern usa.

Take care, Dennis

From: L. X. Villar (
Date: Fri Nov 3 23:22:25 2000


I enjoyed your pictures about Chile. Your wonderful work with photography deserves as many applauses as the enviromentalists that are fighting to preserve the beauty of our planet, so you, and many others as well, can have the professional and kind jest to show it to us.
The touch ups that your work needs has already been said in the different emails I have read(some
story behind the picture,more information regarding its location,)
Some emails texts are out of place here, but...I guess, they took the wrong turn.
Keep up your precious task.

From: Arnaldo Interata (
Date: Sun Nov 5 11:43:03 2000


A todos os brasileiros que visitarem esse site e gostarem de fotos.

Gostaria de convidar a todos os que gostem de sites contendo fotos de viagens, na Internet.

Sou brasileiro, da cidade do Rio de Janeiro, e estou sempre a procurar por sites pessoais
que tenham alguma relao com a fotografia e viagens, razo porque cheguei at seu site, cuja
qualidade da apresentao est boa e me permiti lhe escrever e parabeniz-lo...

Voc que gosta de viagens, fotografias, dicas e sugestes relacionadas com o assunto, visite, um site onde voc pode ter quantos lbuns desejar, sem qualquer limite.
O site possibilita ao internauta guardar suas fotos e pedir impresso delas com qualidade
excepcional, atravs de equipamentos de ltima gerao e tecnologia.

Gostaria de compartilhar com voc meus lbuns de fotografias digitais:

L voc encontrar milhares de fotos de viagens Eur

From: Arnaldo Interata (
Date: Sun Nov 5 11:44:01 2000

From: cheryal10
Date: Wed Nov 8 11:13:19 2000

Spain Pictures

Your selection of Spain pictures are horrible! There aren't any captions or very many pictures. This is one site I won't come back to because of the tiny selection!

From: Rebecca Schmidt (
Date: Thu Nov 9 05:31:21 2000

Visiting the interior of the countries.

Hi: I am originally from Argentina. But I haven't been there since 1964. I am wondering if you have been in the cities of Argentina. I noticed that most of your pictures are the tourist sites. If you have been to Cordoba, Mendoza or Buenos Aires and taken picrures of those areas I would be interested. There are beautiful areas of vacation in the area where Cordoba is. Try it you'll like it!!!!! Lol
Thanks for listening. Becky

From: Lawrence Barnes (
Date: Fri Nov 10 20:29:34 2000

Web Site Design


On first impressions I thought your web site was very good. Well laid out and good navigation. Your photographs were brilliant.

On the negative side you had some broken links with your graphics, and on the left hand window where your navigation is, this could be scrolled sideways, which looks poor and is easy to fix with your frames. Never have any sideways scrolling for anything it's bad design.

Once again great site and keep up the good work.

From: Angi (
Date: Mon Nov 20 04:45:07 2000

Hi Lorenz

Mich hat heute wiedermal das Fernweh gepackt und so bin ich im Internet auf deine Photos gestossen. Ich war dieses Jahr fr 4 Monate in Australien und habe auch sehr viele Photos gemacht. Es war herrlich, Deine Bilder anzuschauen.
Hast Du noch mehr von Australien???

Grsse aus der Schweiz

From: Caiopeia
Date: Thu Nov 23 02:27:59 2000

Mir gefllt die Homepage sehr gut. Sie ist bersichtlich gestaltet und enthlt sehr viele Informationen. Vor allem die Photos sind sehr schn. Groes Lob an den Ersteller dieser Page.

Mit freundlichen Gren

Bobke Bernhard

From: Capt.Dan (
Date: Tue Nov 28 01:02:05 2000

Beautiful country...Great webpage

Thanx for taking the time to put together this page .. I will visit your country soon.
Capt.Dan Davidson >aboard the sailing vessel ~DreamChaser~

Date: Tue Nov 28 09:26:13 2000

knnt ihr keine ghettobilder reintun von lateinamerika

From: Don (
Date: Sat Dec 2 08:36:31 2000

Your Photo Website

I love it! It is outstanding and one of the better finds on the Internet. Keep up the great work.

From: Tamara (
Date: Mon Dec 11 00:06:02 2000

Good Possibilities...

I Received your Invite and came in to take a peek.
You have some wonderful photos actually! I am impressed with several of them. Not ultimately inspired, but I "normally" enjoy unique photography of persons, actual events in the making etc. Not so much photojournalisim but rather the entity itself being a complete whole, telling a story without words or even second thoughts. Example would be, should you choose to explore, William W. Dyviniak in 1945 caught a shot of an auto accident where the driver hit a phone pole and actually ended up stuck in the phone wires. This may seem a tad "morbid" but not really. It is actually life-in-play type photos. Anything that captures what some would call photojournalisim, but more importantly, everyday life that most tend to take forgranted. (It was here for thirty years and one day, it was gone...)
Your photos were enough to make me consider more travel then I already do! That HAS to count as a good thing! :-)

From: ledelh (ledel111959)
Date: Fri Dec 15 01:17:46 2000

thank you for the invitation and for bringing me into your world

Never got a chance to look deeper but try to go back at some other time. You seem to have conquerred the world to yourself, which is more likely that we could communicate in a level that few people can attest to. That of being a world traveller. Have a nice day, and keep it up.

From: LEGARDEUR Grard (
Date: Sat Dec 23 11:05:05 2000

yo email for contact please

From: Alfred Rsing (
Date: Tue Dec 26 09:05:18 2000

Links zu anderen Reisebildern und Berichten

Eine Linksammlung von anderen Reise u. Fotosammlungen fehlt noch.
Zum Beispiel
Oder auch kleine private Pages
bei Interese mail zurck.

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