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One of the Travel Photo Pictures: Theatre performance in Kyoto, Japan

Theater performance in Kyoto, Japan



There are 3 ways in which you can look at my pictures:


I.) Sequential Viewing of the pictures

Go to the main photography page and chose the country you're interested in. Just follow the arrows. In some cases I have tried to use the time you're looking at a photo for loading the next one. Of course this is only possible when the pictures follow a certain sequence.

to get to the next picture
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II.) Chosing pictures from the overview page

There is at least one special page with thumbnails (very small versions of the individual images) for each country. You can access the different thumbnail-pages from the overview.

Please be patient! Although the images on these pages are much smaller than the actual photographs, there are quite a few of them.


III.) List (text) of Photos

There also is a list of pictures with a short description, linked to each picture.
You can also access the thumbnail pages for each country from here.


Some further explanations:

I have chosen not to directly place a text beneath every photo. However, when you position the mouse cursor on a picture, you should see a short description. This text is also briefly shown while the page is loading. Clicking on a photograph allows you to view a bigger version of it.

All pictures, unless otherwise stated, are copyright of Laurenz Bobke.

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