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Asian Gallery: India, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Guest Gallery.
Asian Gallery: India, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Guest Gallery.
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Pictures from Japan: gardens, temples, shrines and modern cities...
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Aikido Training in a German Dojo. Movement in black and white.


  Theatre performance in Kyoto, Japan


Here, you find pictures I have taken while travelling.

To view the pictures, please select a continent and a country and then use the arrow buttons for navigation, - there usually is a short description, which is shown when you point the cursor at the image.

Alternatively, you can choose the pictures on my overview page. More help?

NEW: The latest addition to my galleries are images from a trip to China. At the moment, there you will find pictures taken in Beijing and at the Great Wall. Photo albums for Kunming, the famous three gorges and Xian will be added shortly.

I hope you like my online photo-album. If you do, don't forget to come back from time to time: I'm constantly adding new pictures. In any case, I'd be happy to receive your comments - just fill out the feedback form. You can also write a short message into my guestbook.
But maybe you are yourself addicted to travel photography? In this case you should try the Yahoo Travel Photography Forum, where more than 2000 members discuss everything related to travelling with a camera.



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