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Chile I:  Andes: Salar de Surire;  vizcacha (a relative of the Chinchilla); evening Sun in the Andes; typical village;  Typical Vegetation of the Altiplano: llareta.  Grazing Guanacos;  Llamas;  Church of Isluga; Toconao; Quebrada de Jeria;  Chile or the moon? Valle de la luna. Cemetery near Arica.   Chile I
Northern Chile: Atacama desert; Chilean Altiplano; Valle de la luna;
Llamas, Vizcachas and other typical animals of Northern Chile.
Chile II:  Lago Chungará;  Santiago de Chile; Patagonia: breeding penguins;
 Nandu; mother Fox and her cub;  Parque Nacional Torres del Paine;  Saltos (waterfalls) de Petrohué; 
 Los Lagos.   Chile II
Centre & South: Santiago; Volcano Parinacota;
Patagonia: Penguins; Nandu; foxes, waterfalls, Parque Nacional Torres del Paine.
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