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Madeira I / Madeira II / Madeira III

Pictures from a trip to Madeira


old house in Canico de Baixo Dog and Cat, Canico de Baixo Dogs and a Cat, Canico de Baixo View from Cabo Girao church on a hilltop
Flowers Camara de lobos Camara de Lobos Tropical Garden green hills
Porto da Cruz Road to Paul da Serra the mountains of Madeira misty woods of Madeira Fog in the woods
fog or clouds? view of the hills the woods of Madeira Paúl da Serra table lands hills

Madeira Photos: Canico de Baixo, Cabo Girao, Camara del Lobos, the center
of the island with the Famous Paul das Serra highlands.
For more pictures please go to Madeira II or Madeira III.


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