Click here for images of the Taj Mahal, pilgrims at the Ganges and beautiful Agra at day break.   Click here to "visit" Bodhgaya and Lucknow.
Varanasi: at the shores of the Ganges, portraits.
Agra: Taj Mahal, streets, temples.
  Agra: in the morning Bodhgaya: temples, rural India.
Lucknow: great Imambara, streets.
Click here for Delhi, Calcutta and Rajasthan.   Rajasthan, second part.
Delhi: Humayun Mausoleum. Ancient Observatory.
Calcutta: harbour, Fairlawn Hotel.
Bikaner: camel farm.
Jaisalmer: castle, streets.
  Jaisalmer: buildings, in the desert.
Jodhpur: inside the Maharajah's palace, vultures, traditional music, market
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