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Pictures from India I
Pilgrim at the shore of the Ganges Sadhu carrying out his ritual washing Sadhu. Rowing boat on the Ganges Last journey - rowing boat on the river Ganges
Varanasi, shores of the Ganges Varanasi Varanasi Varanasi Varanasi
Agra: Taj Mahal - mirrored in the water Agra: Taj Mahal. Agra: Near the Taj Mahal. Near the Taj Mahal - another temple. Agra: Taj Mahal.
  Agra: Taj Mahal. Agra: A tower in the morning haze. Agra in the morning.

These are pictures from a trip to Northern India.
The above photos were taken in Varanasi (Benares) and Agra.
There are 3 more galleries with photos from Calcutta, Lucknow, Delhi and Rajasthan.

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